• It's a Constitutional Right and a Choice

    I don't own guns. I have never used one in my life (45yrs) and I've always been afraid of them. However, I have no business telling other people that they should not own them. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. Responsible people have the right to choose for themselves. We can't guarantee every household will benefit from it; we can't prevent all accidental shootings. What we do know for sure is that criminals will continue to use them against us, and that people have the right to defend themselves.
    In the end, it comes down to this: In a home invasion, would you rather shoot an intruder to save your family or would you rather just take a chance? After our loved ones are hurt/killed, it's too late to "wish" you could have done something about it. I still struggle with this issue myself. But, regardless of my decision to own a gun someday, I have no business telling others not to.

  • What happens if you get robbed and your family is at danger

    If we didn't have guns we would lose ourselves. If someone broke into your house what would you do. Without guns the answer would be give them everything you have and let them murder your children. With guns you would have an opportunity to save yourself and your family. So yes citizens should have guns in their home

  • More guns less crime!

    I strongly believe that every sane, law-abiding citizen should carry a firearm with them at all times. In Kennesaw Georgia there is a law that says every homeowner legally must own a firearm unless they have a criminal record or religious objections. This law has dropped the burglary rate by almost 90 percent in the following months of its enactment even though the entire town was armed. It also dropped by 10 percent in the entire state of Georgia during the same time period. However in Washington D.C. There is a ban on guns and coincidentally it’s the nation’s murder capitol. Just think about that.

  • I support it!

    I saw a post saying to learn karate or some form of self defense. When the person it 10 feet away pointing a gun at you.. You cant do a damn thing. My form of self defense. A glock 34 9mm. Always remember when seconds count police are minuets away.

  • Have you never been in danger?

    They're have been several times in my life where the police did not help me. There is no way for them to get there In time before the damage is done. I've been almost choked to death, beaten, and taken advantage of because I didn't have a gun. You can tell people like me to call the police, carry knives, taser, or pepper spray, but none of that really helps when someone is trying to really hurt or kill you.

    With proper training, it is possible to not get beaten, raped, or killed by having a gun in your home. And if training were required, people would be more responsible gun owners.

  • Everyone should have a firearm

    Since the beginning of time, humans have fought with one another. For thousands of years they have killed one another. But one important thing about human nature, is it's instinct to protect itself. If you try and kill a human, it will fight back. Since the beginning of civilization families have kept weapons in their houses to protect themselves.

    Now in our era, has human nature changed? No! There are still humans that will try and kill other humans. Why should we change the nature of our defense? Everyone should have a gun, it is incredibly important.

  • I believe every house should have a gun

    There are a lot of crazy people out there. One argument i ear a lot is that guns kill people which is completely false. Guns do not have a mind of there own the cant simply kill someone they need someone to pull that trigger guns are merely a tool that people use to kill people. Say that guns kill people is like saying staplers kill people because someone got killed by a stapler. It moronic to say that. If more people had guns and knew how to defend themselfs and this society wasnt so strict we would have a better country think back to the 1800s every family had a gun and knew how to use it bc it was what made there family had dinner in most cases. That fact deters people to commit crime bc they are going up against someone that can defend themselves.

  • Yes it should

    You never know when a bad guy wants to cone and do harm to you and hi our family. Police cant always respond within 30 seconds of yoy calling or you May not have time to call. Train ypurself, be resposible and take care of your famliy. Im know gun nut but i do belive in saftey.

  • Effective Crime Deterrent

    If every home had a gun, and the homeowners were trained to use the gun, it would deter most criminals from trying to burglarize that home. Also, if the homeowners started carrying the gun outside of their home, it would protect them, and enable them to protect others from violent crime anywhere they went.

  • You may be at a potential risk if someone else(relatives,parents or siblings) also inhabits your home, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    There has been many reports of people in the same household killing each other, especially if they have some type of mental issues or of those sort. However, if there is a burglar that breaks into your home armed with a gun, you should be able to fight back. It might kill you, but you will have protected your family. To add on, if you do win, it will leave a permanent mark on the criminal and hopefully he won't have the guts to injure you anymore. On the other hand, he might come back for revenge but you'll be ready.

  • Nobody should have a gun in their house.

    Only two weeks ago, a man from the military wanted to surprise his wife with breakfast in bed. His wife had a gun with her. He had the meal ready. When he walked in to the room, his wife grabbed the gun and shot him. The man did not die, but came very close. Just because a man's wife had a gun, she shot her husband and almost killed him.

  • Take a karate class

    If u think u need a gun to protect yourself you really dont take a karate class having a gun in a home increases a suicide rate plus they are big and dangerous they have killed thousands of people. Going to a shooting range is different your not bringing that in your house and endangering your family as i say again take a karate class to protect yourself.

  • I don't want a gun

    Not every family needs or wants a gun. Statistics show that having guns in a home increase the risk of lethal accidents or suicides. I do not want a gun in my house. I do respect the 2nd Amendment and the right of people to have a gun in their home. I also believe you should respect my right to not have one.

  • More Deaths, Higher Death Rate.

    I am only 12 so here's the best I got. I think people should not be able to have a gun inside their house mostly because it gives people more access, you also would rarely need to use it and even though it's not safe if it gets into the wrong hands it could kill or hurt. If someone miss uses it it coud effect the world. It could also start a warn but it would be hard but it's possible

  • Terrifying and appalling.

    I would never be in a home where I know a gun is present. And yes, if I'm unsure - I ask. Owning a gun is disgusting and vile. The only purpose of having a gun is to kill someone or something. I would not want to associate with anyone who is comfortable with that kind of power - whether or not they claim it's just for self-defense. A life is a life. A gun is to take away a life.

  • Only if they have proven themselves responsible

    I support the rule of having responsible families in the possession of a firearm for protection, but not to families where it is predictable that at least one of the members will be irresponsible with the gun. To add to this, richer people who will have a larger mandate to defend their homes (e.g. based on more property to protect) should be theoretically more entitled than poorer families based on how it is usually the poorer members of society that commit the crimes in the first place based on material desires.

  • Only Law Enforcement Officials Should have Them

    Every home also means every individual who will misuse it. I know this may seem like a punishment for people who don't have the intention of misusing firearms but it's a small price to pay because a gun is not a necessity. We can live without guns but we can't live without our loved ones. And every shooting victim is someone's loved one.

  • No Chance

    The NRA has got it all wrong. If we have a gun in every house, and I go off my rocker, I'm going to take my gun and go on a rampage. Would this be possible if I didn't have a gun? Of course not! What the NRA is saying about "being able to protect yourself", well the cops are here for that. Furthermore, if everybody had a gun, nobody would feel safe unless they had their gun with them. It would be easier to attack cops, rob stores, and far more people will die. The argument that criminals will get guns anyways is rather weak. Yes, they will still get guns and yes, the cops will continue to arrest them.

  • No, no home should have a gun.

    Back in the days, like Little House on the Prairie days, every family had a gun, usually resting right by their front door. Charles did not have to worry about some neighbor down the block getting drunk and coming after his family because he wanted some drug money. Those were the days when people had to be able to defend themselves from real danger, and hunted for food. These days the only real danger is people with other guns, and there are far too many of them. I won't have a gun in my house because the danger that it will be used in the wrong way is greater than the idea that I will have to defend myself against my neighbor who has a gun and is feeling violent...if my neighbor didn't have a gun then I wouldn't need one either.

  • Not for everyone

    Only after I recently became armed and took the NRA Basic Pistol class did I realize how much there is to being safe and responsible. Those who are not willing to learn safety and basic gun principles from a professional should not have access to a gun. Likewise, you shouldn't carry unless you are willing to take a specific "carry" class from a pro. That said, anyone who is willing to learn the basics and put in the time and effort to practice should be prepared to defend themselves and family.

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