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  • There are all kinds of people in this world.

    All kinds of people have different kinds of needs. First off let's start with the obvious not everyone wants a pet. Some people have a hard time taking care of their own children and the last thing they need is an animal taking up their time. Some people are angry and abusive and may hurt their animals if they are having a bad day. Others are also irresponsible and may neglect or forget to feed their pet and they may die of thirst or starvation. The fact that everyone has a pet will expose these innocent and vulnerable animals to all kinds of people, Even criminal who aren't safe. So giving pets to people who actually want pets is the best route for everyone, Especially the pets themselves.

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  • Not every home should have anything people don't want

    Not everyone is suited to have a pet, Or a child or even a houseplant, Not everyone is suited to even care for themselves let alone an animal some people would neglect the pet some might be cruel some crazy might end up eating it for dinner some cultures like to eat dogs or cats, That was not menat to be racist, Its just the truth some people have pigs for pets i love to eat pigs, If i had a pig as a pet your better beleive when that piggly got big and fat it would be porks chops and bacon. . Need i say more?

  • I think its pretty obvious

    There are strong reasons why not every home should have a pet.
    -There could be a monetary reason that the family could not continuously support the animal.
    -It is not an obligation to own an animal if you have no desire and would be ridiculous if it was one.
    -Some people are obviously not mentally or physically fit to take care or an animal.
    -etc. . . .

  • Not Every one wants a pet

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