Should every human have the right to travel and live any place in the world without having to pay for expensive passports and visas?

Asked by: True.Freedom
  • People say, 'It's a free country!' It's a free world too!

    People get thrown in prison, punished in cruel ways just because of not having visa. Why do this? We travel to other countries to enjoy ourselves, meet friends and family, to enjoy ourselves. Why should we get killed on the way because of the loss of just 1 requirement? Like True.Freedom said, we were all born on this earth, and no one can claim it no matter how high up you are in the government!

  • It's a basic right that we don't have

    We are all born in this earth. It is clear that the earth has no owner. Therefore it is very idiotic for humans to have all these limitation where a person can or can't not live only because they lack the funds to pay for expensive visas and passports. It makes me feel that we really are not free but caged within a Nation.

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