• Yes kids should have trophy

    Kids should be proud for what they have done! As a kid i like to be rewarded it makes me feel good about myself and then after I get the trophy i try harder so I can get better so yes kids should most definitly get a trophy sincerely Riley !

  • At least they tried

    Every kid tries their hardest. Maybe they don't deserve the biggest and best award, but they tried just as much as the "winning team". People say, "...Their best isn't good enough..." ,but not every kid on the "winning teams" best was good enough, only those select few. Why should every kid on that team get the big prize if only a few did the work? Every kid deserves something, even if its small. It feels good to know that you were acknowledged and treated good for you efforts on the team. Not every kid becomes an NFL star, but at least the kids tried their hardest to make the draft.

  • Yes yes yes

    Kids feel bad when they don't win. I feel bad when I loose. It's just not fair. I want a trophy you want a trophy; we deserve trophies. It's like saying " You tried but you're horrible." I mean that's rude. This makes kids jealous and alienated. I think we deserve trophies for participating .

  • Went back and forth but I have come a conclusion

    The way I see it giving everyone a little trophy is fine. Give the dope fancy ones to the best. In high school my coach at the end of the year gave everyone a certificate for wrestling at the end of the year banquet. However the two state champions got special plaques. Everyone got a token for the participation but the two exceptional guys got something extra and def earned it. Kids at an early age knows everyone gets a trophy and knows its "to be nice". The extra thing that stamps/solidifies first place or most goals scored is more important. Plus the kids who don't try don't care about the token trophy anyways.

  • Kids/teens all get a trophy.

    All kids should get a trophy ,even if the others might get bigger ones ,they tried and practice and everything or put their heart into it. A team isn't on player ,I don't see one football player out on a feild ,I see a team! Some people might not agree with me ,but many kids/teens also keep their grades up for working hard in sports and a trophy just means the world to them and makes them want to work hard in school,play had and have fun!!!!!!!

  • Because I don't even have one yet!

    It gives you better grades and also it's not about winning it's about having good sportmentship and you would harder and stronger. Also winning is a hard thing it's not really easy to get a trophy if you had to win. But in the other hand it would be easier if you just come and you get it.

  • Yes they should

    It doesn't matter if you have never played or if you have ever done that one thing because you should at least get a reward for trying or at least participating.You don't need to be good at it as long as you can do it.Kids need to be motivated so give it to them.

  • Yes for trophys

    Imagine you're the best player in the league, and you leave empty handed because your team came in 4th, meanwhile the worst kid in the league comes in first and has no skill what so ever, its not fair! That kid that came in first deserved a trophy more than the kid that came in fourth. Most American adults believe that if athletes don’t come in first place then you don’t get a trophy. When the majority of kids believe that they deserve a trophy, even if they don't come in first. Also because it makes you feel dedicated. And, you still get something even if you don’t win, making you feel special and not depressed. In addition, it’s not fair if the worst kid on the team wins first, when you deserved it more because you have more skill.

    First reason, the majority of American adults believe that kids that don't come in first should not get a trophy. In fact 57% of adults think that kids one the first place team “become discouraged” when they see other kids get a trophy, that didn't come in first. However, 57% of American kids claim that they deserve a trophy after they participate in a team sport, after all it is the kids that are playing. It also gives kids a sense of accomplishment,and they tell stories, by saying I remember that team,its not just for recognition its for the remembrance of when you look back at the fun memories you had while on that team.According to the article,Should kids get a trophy.Author perez argues that Trophies act as an important marker, to say 'I did this, I finished this. " it's also for the participation you put in,and the effort that you took to join a team.

    Second reason, some parents want to see their kids be happy when they get a trophy.According to the article, My loser kid should get a trophy,by author Brandy Zadrozny it said, “My 4-year-old is starting soccer in the fall. Now, I don’t care how good he is at the sport. Win or lose, that kid’s coming home with a trophy.” When you give a kid a trophy

  • Kids deserve awards.

    I believe all kids should get awards. I am on a swim team, and me and all my other friends work are tails off and also have great sportsmanship. We come to practice to improve and get better as an individual. Kids get hurt my not getting an award so I believe every athlete deserves an award for the season or at least a medal.

  • Trophies are positive

    I say yes, until a child gets into the 5th grade. The youngsters need encouragement along the way as they learn to play a particular game. Some of the younger kids can't even get on a basketball court as first graders, yet with continuing growth through the next few years, they learn to compete better, learn how to win/lose, learn how to work as a member of a team, and learn more about winning and losing.

  • Kids need to be dissapointed

    You can't just get a trophy for showing up because it someone practices the sport and get a participation award and the other does not practice and get the same thing is bad because that will hurt the one that practised more than not getting anything because they now know that they dont need to try to get a trophy and then think that everything will get served to them what they should know that if you want something you need to work for it and i they work for it but dont get it that they need to work harder because it is ok to be a little competitive than not do anything at all

  • Kids Hate This so Much! Stop!

    Hey there! I'm a TWELVE YEAR OLD. When adults decide that "everyone wins!!!!" everyone is disappointed. Every. Single. Child.

    We don't like it, because we joined into the competitive activity (Whatever it may be) so that we could win, or at least see WHO wins. Everyone getting a trophy is like saying "You all lose, and you are not mature enough to handle having a winner. Kids just cry if they don't win!!!!"

    Not once in my life have I met a kid who didn't agree with me.

  • Trophies are for success

    Kids need to know what they are good at and what they are not good at. Proper feedback guides people towards their strengths.

    Giving everyone trophies just promotes weakness when it cannot be afforded as one grows older. There are no trophies when you reach adult hood..... Ya know unless you are really good at stuff.

  • All kids shouldn't get trophies!!!!

    If everyone gets a trophy, then what's the point of Evan trying. If I won
    My soccer game I wouldn't want to see the losing team get
    the exact trophy I got then I will feel like I tried for nothing.
    Players on the other team would feel like they can get a reward
    for nothing.

  • What is a trophy if it doesn't represent achievement?

    If everyone gets a trophy then there is no motivation to become better. No one likes to lose, it leaves a hollow distaste in ourselves, but it also encourages us to better ourselves. If we are bested by an opponent, we should not attend to pretend as though we have achieved anything. If everyone gets a trophy then the victorious have no reward for their sacrifice and dedication they put towards there goal, and the defeated lack the drive to improve their abilities. The world is made up of those who work hard and are successful, and those who never reach their full potential because they are satisfied with their complacency. By giving everyone a trophy we are denying the reality of the world, and instill the idea that as long as "I show up and go through the motions" I will be successful.

  • Not all kids are deserving- trophies represent accomplishments and victories. Simply participating... Almost anyone can do that

    I run a baseball association for ages 6-12. I've found that having an end of the season field day or picnic is much more motivating than a piece of plastic. We give trophies to the teams who finish 1st-2nd from age 8-10 and 10-12. They won- they deserve rewarded. The trophies are overshadowed by the amount of fun we have on the field day. That's what it's all about. The only requirement to attend field day is to finish the season. We give a lot of the entrance fee back toward food and drinks at the field day.

  • No trophies for all

    If every kid gets a trophy for doing completely simple things their going to think that life is always going to be smooth with no problems until they learn the real hard way. Its simple start teaching your children to work hard now so that their prepared for the future.

  • They shouldn't because

    They won't even try. Their work ethic will drop and they will have too much confidence. That being said, some kids aren't like that and will try. But I say it's best not to have everyone getting trophies. What's next: parents getting trophies for being the parent of the kid?

  • This is why I think kids on a sports team should not get a trophy

    Kids should earn the prize. If a kid cry's well that kid need to man up. That kid would be a little brat and spoiled kid. The kids need to learn their lesson. Other parents would be like my kid did all the work and that kid gets a trophy not my kid

  • Some kids actually try

    Some kids don't even try to play so they shouldn't get rewarded for NOT playing. Also it is not fair to the kids who actually try, because they should know that they did well. I myself have been on a team where every one got a trophy, even the ones who were on the bench the whole time got trophies and i really wasn't fair. So over all only kids who try should get rewarded.

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