• Yes ever kid should get a trophy!

    Every kid should get a trophy because the tried and did their best to play which ever sport they play and they shouldnt judge wether a kid is a star or not. Kids are kids and the should be rewarded what they do no mater what beacuse they tried and they didnt play around with their sport.

  • Yes because we won't get our feelings hurt

    I lthink that so many kids will get their feelings hurt if only some get trophies and some don't. I think all kids work hard at getting there and participating and should get some kind of reward for all their efforts. Plus, Some gets brag when they get something others don't get.

  • Trophs are important for kids in kindy to fith grade

    Kids in younger age ranges will not always take it well when someone gets something and they don't so i think kids should get trophys even if they don't deserve it. It also makes them want to try harder and it gives them something to be proud about. From Raelee

  • Coming from a former baseball player.

    I think every kid should get a trophy. Studies show 57% of kids believe they deserve a trophy. Kids should be able to get at least medals for participating. Kids could develop anxiety when they don't get a trophy, Because they think they are not good enough for the team. Yet, Kids who earn a trophy will believe they are good for the team, So they will try even harder for that to stay. Also, The best kid in the league will need help! You can't be supported, Skilled, Or trying best, Without the other team members. So in conclusion, This us why all kids should get a trophy.

  • Give them that participation trophy

    I think that every kid gets a trophy depending on how good they are so the best kids on the team know who they are. And the kids that are younger and not experience know who they are too. So that is why I am going either way in this debate.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    You need to let kids get a trophy. I don't really know what to say but i'm writing a argument essay in should about this topic, and I have some really strong reasons supporting this. I also think that there should not be declared a winner or a loser. This makes kids lower their self esteem.

  • Every kid has his talent.

    If this is true, that means each kid has a special skill that he excels in - whilst the idea of awarding him a trophy may seem ridiculous, I feel that it is a source of encouragement for the kid. Nowadays, especially in Asian cultures, many parents tend to frown upon (and even put down) their kids' accomplishments due to a fear of egotism - in doing so, the kid loses his self-esteem and willingness to pursue that skill. A trophy will be a constant reminder to a kid that he is a winner - that he has the potential to achieve and stand out from the rest. Especially in today's society, it's the incentive to work that drives progress and innovation - in order to work well, one needs constant encouragement and a high-self esteem - kids of the 21st century are also the future of our society, and we should give them our support so they can grow up into well-rounded, bold individuals.

  • Cause you should earn it

    So you have to earn it like dont take it for high honors or honors like football or soccer or base ball or best essay or fastes runerthat will win you an award not for free ok whos with me people every body should earn it for something ok .

  • So they can feel happy

    So no kid can feel sad and more fun in claas so they feel awarded not a lozer so i want no body in the world to be a lozer iwant every body to have fun and be happy awarded so nobody woudnt have fun whos with me people for happy

  • All kid need thophys

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  • NO free trophies

    Why should you give people who didn't win awards? What have they done to deserve it? What if they just treated it like a blow-over and slacked off the whole time? Meanwhile, Someone else has worked very, Very hard to get an award, And the result? Everyone gets a reward! Is it fair? No!

  • NO Free Trophies

    I believe not everyone should get rewards. This is because if you just get a reward for participating, Even though you did really sloppy, Yes, Sure, It's encouraging, But not the kind of encouragement you need to do better. Giving losers a trophy is like telling them the thing that they did badly is correct, And that they can continue that sloppy job and still except to receive a reward.

    It also makes the winners feel sad and feel like the trophy was for nothing. It's practically equivalent to giving them nothing if everyone gets one. For example, I competed so hard in a race and the result? It was the teacher giving everyone a prize. I felt very angry, That the people who were just walking and chatting got one too, Without ANY effort put in.

  • No no no

    I believe that not all kids should recieve trophies because, If the kid that worked their butt off to got same trophy as the kid who sat in the grass blowing dandelions, He would be upset. So i believe if you want a trophy you better work for it.

  • I don't think so. .

    Imagne your kid, Just getting a trophy from millions of kids, You would be proud, Right? Well if everyone gets a trophy, It would make the kid happy but not as much happy as if they got it in frount of millions. They would even be more competitive and engaged as before. They might even started pracisting more to get the trophy.

  • No unearned Trophies

    If your kid really needs something because they showed up, Then give them a framed copy of the attendance sheet. That way you can save the actual trophy for the winner. Then make a few ribbons for second and third place. Treat everyone to a post-event party when it's over.

  • Doesn't teach them anything

    I believe this teaches children to value what they will win, Whether or not they played well or not. I believe individual awards within the team are fine, But come on people. Teach kids what losing is about and the value behind working hard towards an end goal, More value.

  • No no no

    Not every kid needs a trophy if kids has 50 and gets 5 more where are the kids gonna put the extra 5 trophies if the kids have to many. I think every kid does not need a trophy 5 kids could but not 1, 000, 000 that would be weird,

  • No no no

    Not every kid should get a trophy I know it won’t boost their confidence very much, But only winners should get the trophy. If the kid just keeps getting participation trophies it will just make a big pile of the trophies in him room scattered around! If they know they get participation trophies they won’t do anything at the game.

  • Trophies aren't important

    When you are little, You might want to get a trophy, But when you get older, Kids start getting competitive, And you would not want to use competitive in the wrong way. You would want to work hard and earn it. Not just get them for doing one little thing.

  • Not Every Kid Should Get A Trophy.

    Coming from a cheerleader when I got my first trophy I was so happy! But then after a while I realized everyone got a trophy and not to be rude but even the girls who weren't that good got a trophy and it made me feel bad. I got the trophy from the coaches and I mean what was the coaches saying your bad but here is a trophy, Your just like everyone else not special, Or your good but you don't get anything special for working hard? Each one of these ways don't feel good.

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