• They may not want to use them, but they have the right to posses them.

    I believe that every nation should all have the right to own a nuclear weapons, but I don't think all nations should actually use them. No one would providing the weapons for them, it would be the country's decision to actually make and produce weapons. The nation to choose whether or not their citizens should be allowed to even work on/create nuclear weapons.
    I would want to agree with the opposing side for multiple reasons; More devastating wars, higher possibilities of disasters in a given country, and it is terrible for the Earth. If they were allowed to have the right to own nuclear weapons, the nations of the world might not be as hesitant about engaging in wars. Some countries wouldn't be "trust worthy", because they might abuse the power of getting to own/use nuclear weapons. But most people here would probably define the misuse of nuclear weapons to be starting a war, but that's exactly what they would be used for; unless there's some kind of meteoroid on collision course for the Earth and might destroy us all. Or an alien invasion. So in that case we would want everyone to be able to fine tune the weapons.
    The pros and cons are fairly even:
    -Good defense
    -Just in case another country starts a war
    -Affects are devastating
    -Terrible for the Earth

    ~~Written by an 8th grader in America
    ~Don't judge me I got bored in class, and instead of actually doing work I did this instead. At least it was related to my topic.

  • Nations should have the right

    While all of nations should not own nuclear weapons, they do have the right to own them weather you like it or not but I do not agree with them being used or owned. We need to have a nuclear summit in which the nations that have nuclear weapons deactivate the nukes in their silo's and destroy them so no one has to worry about them

  • Not all nations should

    Nations that have dictators or that have threatened to attack America should not have the right to own nuclear weapons. When a country has nuclear weapons, that comes along with a tremendous responsibility to use and handle the weapons in a responsible manner. America should not allow many countries to own these weapons.

  • No, every nation should not have the right to own nuclear weapons.

    Having nuclear weapons is not a right. Governments with nuclear weapons should make it difficult for any other nations to develop nuclear weapons. I think it is important for the safety of the world to prevent rogue countries from being able to have nuclear weapons. I also think that the less nations with nuclear weapons, the better.

  • Not at all

    I think that the world would be a lot better if no one on earth had weapons. I think that the best thing to do would be to get rid of them all, and to never build another one as long as we are here, so that we do not use them.

  • Every nation on the Earth does not have the right to own nuclear weapons.

    Nuclear weapons should not be permitted in the world, and no country should be allowed to have them. Nuclear weapons could cause the deaths of millions of people, and their use should be considered a war crime. Nations that have nuclear weapons should seek to disarm them in order to keep the peace.

  • No not every country on the planet should have nuclear weapons.

    Every country on Earth should not have the "right" to possess nuclear weapons or access to nuclear technology. There are too countries where the ruling government is not stable enough to be trusted with the responsibility that having access to nuclear technology encompasses. The security of the world, in fact the continued existence of mankind, would be at risk if any of these governments were to control nuclear arms.

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