Should every person that makes under $10,000 be provided a car?

Asked by: natehill
  • Cars Being Provided

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  • Public transportation needs improvement. This doesn't make sense.

    Surely if I did not have a car, I would most likely take the bus to get places I need to go. I also have a bicycle and I can take a train if I want to go somewhere far away. I do have a car though. But that's what would it would be like if I did not have my car. This would just be a waste of money. It's impractical.

  • No, this doesn't pass the test of common sense

    This would represent a tremendous waste of tax money and would provide limited benefits to those affected by the program. Everyone benefiting from a program like this would be making less than $10,000 / year in income. Do the math; that equates to less than $850 / month to cover fuel, insurance, and living expenses. Economical and readily available public transportation is a much more viable alternative. Our national efforts should be directed at expanding these key services to assist this income group.

  • There is no need.

    The government in a way already provides people who cannot afford a car on there own a way of transportation like buses and maxes. If you cannot afford a car you have other options: walking (if the distance isn't that far), biking (again there is a limit to how far you could bike but why are you going so far anyways), and public transportation.

  • No they shouldn't

    If you can afford to run a car and keep it in good working order that you have no business owning a car.

    With all of today's pollution the last thing we need is more cars on the road anyway.

    On $10000 they will probably end up living in the car.

  • It doesn't help.

    People who make under $10,000 have cars too... And are still making very little. Aside from the cost, we'd benefit the economy little. Having a car isn't a bonus to employers... At least, not one that they will pay you more for, Now people who can't afford a car still can't afford one, and have to pay for taxes and gas for it too! Besides, we have much better program for this... Public Transportation!

  • Can't Afford That

    Everyone that makes under 10,000 a year or under, should not be provided a car. I understand they may have a family or a need for means of transportation but how would each individual person be considered to own a car? Would they be given a loan? If someone who makes that little amount of money per year is going to have to pay off loans later, that'll just put them more into debt. America can't afford half of the things they are using government spending on now, how would they pay for each person in poverty to own a car?

  • We would be in debt

    If everyone who made under $10,000 a year, or however much, was provided a car, we would be in wayyyy more debt than we are now, and if they do receive a car, then they would have to pay for insurance, plates, tags, etc. There would be no way that they could sustain paying for a vehicle.

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