Should every school have a strict no bullying policy?

  • Bullies just keep going

    If a child is being bullied they will create a bad attitude towards school and it worries them too much to concentrate on learning in school.
    Bullies can be very hard to catch because they can use very clever ways of getting to a child. For example, telling on them and exaggerating so the victim gets in trouble and the teachers will not listen to the victim.
    This leads to the victim having immense difficulty getting justice because the teachers will think the victim is the BULLY...

  • Yes, and it's not that hard to enforce.

    There should be a strict no bullying policy in every school, provided that there is a set of rules that tells exactly what that bullying would comprise. It is not just kissing another's cheek or something like that. It is any intimidation of another student and this should never be allowed.

  • Bullying leads to revenge and more school shootings.

    In the last ten years, I’ve heard of more school shootings
    than ever before. We must do something
    to protect our children. If Americans aren’t
    going to come together and pass some form of gun control, then the least we can
    do is outlaw bullying in our schools. A
    lot of children who become school shooters were bullied for years and finally
    snapped. Maybe some of this could be

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