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  • Not the most useful thing in the world

    What is the point of french immersion? It is a waste of tax dollars (me coming from ontario,canada). It also just supports quebec and make them feel even more special while they are discriminating against the english language by not allowing people to write/read or speak the language ouside of school. We should drop offering french immersion to show quebec that they are just the same as everyone else. Besides, the french language is slowly declining while other languages, such as german and spanish are on the rise. Kids should learn languages that a lot ofpeople in the world speak, like chinese and german.

  • What language(s) will train the child's brain the most?

    I'm not sure. A more in depth analysis will need to be made but it's probably not French. Too easy. Foreign language learning shows evidence of stimulating brain cell growth even in adults in the hippocampus. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and other dementia.

    So it should be immersion in the hardest language for a native English speaker to learn. Perhaps two or more of them if possible (Luxembourgish students study German, French, and English so yes kids can handle it). There's no strict consensus on it. I'd say Mandarin and Arabic are probably the best languages to immerse the kids in. Arabic will train phoneticization in the back of the throat more. Mandarin will train on symbols and tones. I'd say add Basque if you want to immerse the kids in 3 languages, since it's an isolate that will be good for mind training brain growth and genius and excellence throughout life.

  • Forgo French Immersion

    The French language is not nearly as popular as it was in the past century, nor is it as useful. The small number of people speaking French does not merit a requirement for French immersion in school. Spanish immersion would be much more practical and much more useful to school children.

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