• Yes we should wear uniform

    Kids should wear uniform because , everyone will look the same and no one will get bullied for what clothes they wear or for what shoes they have because everyones wearing the same. No one would say anything to each other. Also when schools have day trips they know what school it is .

  • Uniforms, this is obliviusly a win for no

    Uniforms Are Not Good Because they don't let kids show their style AND parents can't find their kids as easily. Why do we always debate this. The Answer Is NO, kids might have religious clothing that they have to wear, but they cant go to school because they aren't wearing the uniform.

  • Uniforms are not actually safe.

    People say uniforms are safe, that's not exactly true, for example you have to tuck in your shirt, a weapon can fall out with out your shirt tucked in, also kids get in trouble more in uniforms (for the wrong clothes) than without uniform. Sadly, teachers say you look alike, no one will make fun of you, but that is not rue at all when I used to not have uniforms I lived bully free until I wheat to a school with uniforms, also uniforms do not allow you to express yourself. Open toed shoes do not allow you to hide anything same with tight pants.... Am I right?

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