Should every school in the U.S. have laptops?

Asked by: Mudkip026
  • Its a good idea

    Its better education more resouces helps better useful information helps teachers saves time helps people greater enconmy help some children find research helps students makes it more easier to keep up with things on files helps with class work in school and outside of school technology is awesome creates more things to support your opinions

  • Laptops For School

    My old school did not have Laptops and since I moved to a new school with laptops my learning has been better. I feel that every school should have laptops but have limits. It is not fair that my schools have laptops and others don't. It might take a bit of getting use to all these gadgets but I believe that any school can have laptops.

  • We'll Misuse Them

    I'm a sophomore student in a county who just got laptops for every middle and high school student last year. Very rarely do we actually need the laptops, though we are still consistently on them, playing games and pretending to do work. Yes the school has put in place methods to block the game sites and keep us focused but we find ways to get past the restrictions; we get games via usb onto our computers, email them to ourselves via another computer, use ip addresses to get to the sites (they just started blocking this), and multiple other methods. Their also poor quality laptops (Lenovo thinkpads); which often causes them to be slow, resulting in either a lack of efficiency the rare times we do our work, or a freebie excuse that many use to get out of work. Also it's a logistical nightmare when they hand them out and take them back up at the beginning and end of each school year. The English classes are the few that actually use them often, and they didn't get their laptops until the third week of school, causing them to be behind in their schedule. Another thing is how expensive it is, it cost about 2.6 million for a little over 4,000 kids. That doesn't include repair fees. Overall, I think it was a good initiative, but there's a ridiculous amount of room for abuse.

  • Need should drive them...

    I have seen too many schools give out laptops or even ipads that do NOT serve the purpose for which they were intended. The school often ends up eating massive losses because they go missing or get broken. If there is a real purpose for students to have then, then provide a means of access during the school day, but do not let them take them home unless the parent provide a deposit. To often, they end up broken or lost because the students were not responsible enough to handle them and their parents didn't care because they would not be held accountable.

  • Laptops for school

    I don't think that children should be so connected to the Internet we need to go back outside and play the entire day away instead of staying inside to play video games or sit on a computer. I believe that computers in school are great but laptops are expensive and I don't believe my school has the money to buy 5,000+ laptops for the district

  • No we can't,

    All schools definitely should be open to the idea, and all school districts should be given a formal recommendation from each state, but in the end let the school districts do what they want with this topic. Some districts may not have proper funding or a significant number of people in a district might not have Internet access. Also, we can't say all private schools should get some too as 1) the government has no control over them nor should they and 2) they don't all have enough money. Laptops are great for a student's learning experience, but as a general statement such as this I disagree.

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