• Every student should go to college.

    For several reasons,every student should go to college.College works to teach different lessons to different people.It could teach one person the actual subjects they are taking while another might learn about different cultures from fellow students and learn about team work from intermural events.The difference is that someone might choose a different type of college or different major.

  • People should be educated well and have large opportunities to get good jobs.

    College helps us truly understand what we're doing when we take a job that actually recquires knowledge on the subject. It helps people get many chances to have a decent,well paying job if they succeed.It also helps people become responsible.The tests and the practice of learning how to fend for yourself is a valuable experience.How do you plan to be responsible if you don't get any practice?

  • Not every kid has the ability to go to school

    Some kids did too many bad things at their schools that they can’t go to college. Others are too damn retarted because they don’t pay a fuck to their teachers, and that is their own problem with their bitchheaded looking selves, doing the shit they want to do. The end.

  • Not every kid should go to college

    Some kids’s family are too poor to go to college. Other kids don’t have the abilities to go to a good college. And other kids says that colleges and universities aren’t that important, so they don’t want to go to college. Some kids don’t have a good GPA to go to a college, and others are too damn fucking retarted to go to college and they have a low IQ.

  • College should be looked at as an invest,net, not a necessity,

    Not every career path requires a traditional bachelors degree and
    Not every person is cut out for college. Young people should do a cost benefit analysis to determine if college is even worth it given their career paths, likeliness of being able to get a job in that field and anticipated starting and long term salaries. The Govenrment unfortunately, while trying to give students a fair opportunity to get an education, do not take into account these factors when providing grants and loaning out government backed money at the expense of taxpayers. It also does not take into account GPA. Their unintended consequences results in young people getting themselves into student loan debt which can never be relinquished through bankruptcy or other means. We are not helping these young people, in many cases it's hurting them more.

  • Saying every kid should go to college is like saying every kid should be a pianist or a electrician.

    Each kid has different strengths. The intellectuals belong in college, as well as the teachers and doctors. The kid who repairs cars needs to be in tech school. Some kids are good with calculus. Some kids are better with hammers and welding torches. If the one-size-fits-none system doesn't work with elementary and secondary education, why would it work for college?

  • No, there are some folks who do not need a college education.

    There are still a number of low skilled jobs in this country that must be filled in order for things to operate properly. The pay is low and for those filling the positions, a college education would be an expensive that likely would not result in high pay. If everyone went to college, it would be hard to fill low paying jobs.

  • No, not everyone is cut out for college.

    Some people are simply not cut out for college for one reason or another. Every student should have a plan, and should follow their talents and interests. Going to college just for college's sake is foolish and quite often a waste of time, money and resources. Many people do better in non traditional schooling, or simply going right into the workforce.

  • No, every student should not go to college

    College is not for everyone. College is not also the only way to live what is considered a productive and/or successful life. There are many individuals who gain success through working the ranks of an industry/company, or through a family business, or starting their own business. College is without a doubt an opportunity that if one wants to pursue they should have the chance to do so.However, if college is not an opportunity one feels suits them, they should not go.

  • Restriction of Choice

    Why is a college degree absolutely necessary for everyone? Some students even drop out of high school, feeling that they don't want to "waste their time" on something they actually need to get somewhere in life. There's no way they could succeed in college or agree with such a mandate. A college degree is very helpful, yes, and although going to college is a good lifestyle choice, it's also becoming an expensive one. If it was mandated that everyone needed to go to college, nobody could drop out of high school, therefore we'd have a fair amount of 20-somethings struggling to get their high school diploma. That would also increase taxes exponentially, which would offset tuition via state aid, but it would also keep the economy in a rut. Honestly, I don't see a restriction on freedom of choice as necessary.

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