• Yes, students should wear uniforms for the following reason. (Alot of useful info.) Reason: Improved Social Outcomes.

    Research found that fashion and clothing often act as the root of social conflict in non-uniform schools. There is segregation among students based on what they wear: the goths, the jocks, the nerds and the emos. But in schools with uniforms, everyone is brought into a neutral zone, making social relationships easier.

  • School is not a silly fashion show

    I'm a bit picky about what to wear and always don't know what to wear.
    Besides, there must be a billion rules in non uniform school, not too short, not to bright, not too sexy,
    there's no such a thing called freedom either, not everybody has a good taste in fashion.

  • Discipline by collectivity.

    Humans have always had an innate sense to follow and form communities. A school in itself is a small community, so to speak. Having a uniform allows students to be identifiable in school outings, when representing their school and also in the instances of truancy.

    Uniform is also good because it allows students to do other things such as their homework in the morning instead of worrying about what to wear and also stops them from getting distracted during the day when in school. Students are less likely to be concerned with what others are wearing and how they are perceived because everyone is wearing the same as them anyway.

    It also helps prevent bullying, as some people who may not be able to afford higher quality or 'cool' clothing may be on the receiving end of negativity from their peers. Having a uniform allows them to keep whatever prejudice they have about the clothing of others to themselves and be all known as a collective community of students to a school.

  • By not wearing

    A school uniform and going into school with their 'casual clothes' on, children are opening themselves up to a world of judgement a bullying.
    It is a fact of life that some people will be able to afford nice, 'labelled' clothes for their children and others will not, but if everyone is wearing the same thing then no-one will really know, will they?
    Not to mention the proven fact that being in casual clothes makes children more lethargic and less likely to work hard. Also, they would have to choose what to wear everyday, which (particularly for girls) seems to be a rather 'big deal'.

  • Makes it easier to go to shool

    It makes it easier to go to school because they wont have to worry about what everyone else is wearing and they could just concentrate on getting their school work done. This gives students a chance to get ahead in school and not getting up in the morning thinking about what they are going to where for half an hour

  • School not a government

    While controlling freedom to express through clothing is anti-constitutional it must be kept in mind that the context is a school, not the government. Schools have control over the policies in their schools and are granted the will of the parents and students to agree to their policies via a contract. Therefore being anti-constitutional is really only applicable to the government.

  • Depends on who you are

    I think that this really depends on who the students are. Uniforms are really good for keeping students looking smart and it helps their concentration in class. Also if a child has issues at home financially then by wearing a uniform everyone is equal. I am at school myself and I would rather have a uniform because a lot of judgement is set from what you wear and girls spend weeks planning their outfits However giving students choice is important and maybe they can express themselves better and will feel more comfortable in that school. I think i depends on the student.

  • Being you is much better than pretending

    It is taught at school that "BE UNIQUE", "BE ORIGINAL", and "BE YOURSELF", and why bother to wear uniforms that may or may not show what that student is really like, as everyone is created or molded into what they like or prefer and not being restricted by the school rules as some stylish casual look can pass the school dress codes if the clothes you wear don't attract malicious comments or show much skin like cropped-tops or mini shorts that might reveal unwanted areas to be exposed to the public which can put the whole school in danger.

  • Every student should not have to wear a uniform at school.

    I believe that every student should not have to wear a uniform at school. If all students wear uniforms they will look all alike, and that will be very boring. It will stunt students' desire for individualism. Why should students be forced to look like everyone else? It is a very bad idea.

  • No. That would be so not fair

    Kids should be able to express themselves with their sense of style. Plus you only get one uniform so it has to be a pain for the moms to wash them EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! They are super boring and usually include so ugly plaid that just makes kids hate school even more.

  • No - I don't buy this 'bullying theory'

    As mentioned in the title, I think the idea that children will get bullied less just because they are all wearing the same thing is nonsense. Correct me if I'm wrong but this argument mainly focuses on rich vs. Poor? For example, the not so well off children may get picked on because they may not have certain types of clothes and the others may somehow be able to use that against them? Wrong. Unfortunately children can be very cruel and if they want to bully then they'll bully; this doesn't make it right but I don't think uniforms are the answer to fixing the problem. My point being is that children will always know who the wealthy ones are among their peers; they're the ones with the latest phones, get picked up in the nice cars and have the best birthday parties. Therefore this type of behavior and profiling of each other based on wealth still exists regardless of uniforms. If schools want to change this then there needs to be more of an emphasis on acceptance of others regardless of how much money they have etc as opposed to putting children in uniforms; try and fix the problem rather than sweeping it under the 'uniform' rug.

  • No the should not

    I am opposed to uniforms, I find the restrict your identity, and in the case of schools force you to represent a school you may not willingly wish to represent.

    Some the logic used as well is just illogical. One of the arguments I hear quite often, is it's about equality, kids might get picked on if their parents can't afford to buy them the latest fashions.... Wait? So the solution to parents not being able to afford new clothes is to force them to go out and buy new clothes.

    The only time i would accept the use of a uniform, is an event, where the person in question has willingly consented to represent their school, be it a sporting event, an academic event or another event in which they are there to represent their school as well as themselves.

    But compulsory uniforms across the board? No.

  • Think about Allergies and or Sensitive Skin

    To keep this simple, many, many, kids have allergies and or sensitive skin these days. If we were to wear school uniforms, what would happen to those kids who were allergic to the material used in making the uniforms? The kids with sensitive skin might not be able to tolerate the material either. The material could easily irritate the students skin, mainly because they have to wear it for 6-8 hours a day, and could cause them to lose concentration in class or cause medical problems, like a rash, to the skin of the student.

  • We need to express ourselves.

    Students should not have to wear a uniform. Wearing a uniform would take away freedom of expression. We should let the kids wear what they want to show who they are. If they want to wear a suit everyday and look nice, good for them. If they like wearing jeans and t-shirts, good for them.

  • No you should not wear uniforms

    We don't won't to wear uniforms would you want to I wouldn't we want to let kids express them selves in style express there inner fashionista show how they rock or i am smart i believe in education and what better to show that with your sense of fashion and style!! What do you think

  • Not All School Should Wear Uniforms

    Students should be free to wear anything they want as long as it does not have anything that may provoke someone or upset someone. You should not be forced to wear anything. If people were forced to wear things, that is limiting their freedom to express themselves, which is anti-constitutional.

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