• In an age where women are indepedent, I believe owning a gun is essential, especially in fighting off rapists

    A woman who carries a gun can defend herself against rapists, most importantly. Rapist tries to touch her, bam -- shoot him. I believe every husband should practice with their wive guns. I think women should be allowed to carry guns to work as well. Hell every one. But women should especially. They can defend themselves against rapists.

  • It's dangerous outside

    When a woman is outside, there is a chance of her being attacked. In case she has a gun, she can oppose to the attacking person and help the cops.
    Actually, it doesn't have to be exactly a gun. Any weapon, even such as gas balloon might be useful as well.

  • Yes! Women should carry guns

    Not only to protect against assault but protect their home. I believe all women should carry guns, and have the right to use them when the situation is real. They have the right to bear arms, to protect each and own immunity clock clock, bang bang whoop whoop yep! !

  • Amendments and Violations.

    I believe the whole 2nd Amendment, but I also believe in the factor of rape. Since this debate is targeted towards women carrying them, we have to realise how often women are violated. If they're able to defend themselves properly, I believe that it would decline. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but hopefully my perspective is agreeable on many sides. Is violence the best solution? No, but sometimes it's the only one.

  • If she knows how to use it.

    If she passes a CC course and is comfortable carrying it, sure. The more people that carry a gun for defense, the better. I've seen plenty of incidents recently that could've been mitigated if not avoided al together if the victims in question had a gun. So yeah, let 'em carry if they want.

  • Everyone knows women are not that fast and strong as men so a gun as a weapon could really benefit the protection of women.

    I agree, if a woman is not a cop, she shouldn't have a gun stick to herself. If she does, people might think she uses it as a threat but for my perspective opinion, women carry guns just so they could protect themselves from any harm that might occur by circumstance. Example when there's a rapist incident happen, a gun could be really helpful! With a one swift moment of a click, the bullet shot out and save her life! There, Now the woman is safe!

  • 2nd Amendment and 1st Amendment?

    Everyone is equal according to the 1st Amendment, and according to the 2nd Amendment, we should have freedom to use firearms properly... So I'm pretty sure if a man can hold a gun, a woman can because it clearly states that everyone is equal in this country. Not to mention the rape count for both men and women.

  • No one should carry guns accept cops.

    I think that mace would be more than enough to protect oneself in a country such as Canada where their are strict gun laws. Only police should have guns, that way it is safe for everyone.

    Defence against rapists eh? I am pretty sure if a woman is cognitive enough to pull out a gun from her purse or strap she can pull out a cell phone or mace, a swift kick to the nads would help too. Unfortunately a lot of rape happens when a woman cant struggle let alone find her gun.
    With your logic why don't we just take self defence classes?

  • Why don't people understand?

    Why don't people understand the concept that more guns usually results in more people getting shot, which is a bad thing. Less guns result in less people getting shot, which is a good thing. It's really that simple. If you think people have the right to own guns, they also have the right to shoot you.

  • No not every women should carry a gun.

    First off I agree that people should have the right to carry a gun, however many people (such as rapists, serial killers, and other criminals) should be bared from owning one. Its fine if you are a law abiding citizen but not ok if you have a violent past and could potentially hurt someone. So no not EVERY person should have a gun but the ones which prove that they can use it responsibly should have access to one. P.S. A knife would be far more effective at fighting off rapists than a gun.

  • Only police should carry guns

    Neither women nor men should be able to carry guns unless they are cops. Fighting off rapists? If a rapist is doing its thing to someone, the person being unrightfully touched should call the police, instead of fighting the rapist off on their own. And there are irresponsible women in the world, who might shoot people for either a stupid reason or no reason at all.

  • They are not needed

    Other weapons can work just as effectively without the possibility of fatalities. Athough rape is a big issue there is a small number of people that actually get raped. Having every woman carrry around a gun at all times would cause many more problems (that could be solved by other means) than it would solve.

  • This assumes that all women are innocent and worthy of a lethal weapon

    This argument assumes that if every woman was given a gun, none would use it maliciously. While I don't think every woman would misuse a gun, odds are, due to our massive population, that some would find ways to exploit this weapon. A woman could very easily shoot a man or woman from long range, kill him, then say he was going to attempt rape. It would be counted as self defense, and she could get off scott free with murder. This could not easily happen with something like mace, as its not lethal. It would be very similar to recent police shootings as well, where police misjudged the intent and danger of a person, and, as they had a lethal weapon, shot them.

    Also, what would the baseline age be? Many teenagers are sexually assaulted. Would you give a gun to a hormonal teenager, and not expect it to be misused?

    Bottom line, this is literally saying to give weapons to half the population, and thinking no wrong will come of it.

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What kind of society do we want to live in?

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