• Everyone should be able to take unlimited vacations

    Everyone should be able to take unlimited vacations. There should be more paycuts to people taking more time off than usual, but everyone should be entitled to unlimited vacations. After all, the people who are taking more time off are the ones not earning money. The more difficult or stressful a job is the more the employees should be encouraged to take time off.

  • Obviously not good

    The idea that any vacation itself is a right is a fairly new and very Western way of thinking of things, something that is not true and makes little sense. Unlimited vacation would lead to a lack of everything in the world, something that obviously will never be a good idea.

  • It is counterintuitive

    If people can take unlimited vacation, then there is no reason to actually work. If one wants unlimited vacation, then one should simply give up his or her spot in the job that he or she occupies and simply allow it to go to somebody else who wants to work.

  • People are meant to work.

    No, everybody should not be able to take an unlimited vacation, because there is not enough money generated for the world to continue to function if people do not work. Who would run the hospitals? Who would run McDonalds? It is not a true vacation without a trip to McDonalds. Without working, we would all be hungry.

  • No, of course not.

    A vacation is a privilege earned after one has worked for a while and saved up vacation time and money, so unlimited vacation is just not feasible. However, we can say that most other civilized countries give more weeks of paid vacation than the United States does, so that would be a good thing.

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