Should everybody pay the same percentage of their income in taxes?

Asked by: Trig314
  • It's the fairest system possible.

    #1 With this system, the rich will still be contributing more money and thus a higher percentage of all the tax money that the government receives.

    #2 It preserves motivation to be successful. Because the income tax is proportional across the board, this means that those who have spent extra money on their education will experience the benefits of having a better life, more fruitful income, and more happiness.

    #3 Our tax system is not supposed to be designed to "hurt the rich." We're supposed to be fair, and money earned is money owned. If we tax the rich much higher and tax the poor people 0%, then this reduces the income of the successful individual closer to that of an individual with an entry-level job. Not to mention the money the poor received is stolen.

    #4 By having everyone under the same tax bracket, this means that when government decides they want more money, they have to take it out of everyone's pockets. This puts all Americans on the same boat so we can stand up and say no to tax increases when we feel it isn't necessary. The alternative is to divide us into different tax brackets, bribe the poor by offering them the rich's money if they vote for them, and since the poor get money off of it, they vote and thus, the minority(the rich) gets picked on by the government. The way it should be is ALL americans against the government. Not half of Americans and government against the other half.

    #5 Responsibilty. We are all adults and so we have to hold ourselves accountable to our shortcomings. The less we complain about what we don't have or envy what others have, the more time can be spent working towards our own success. It's possible for everyone, but you have to want it and be willing to do anything for it. You can't just have everything handed to you. And no one should feel entitled to take someone's money just because they earned more than you.

    #6 If we don't work for our money, then money has no value. Working for money is what fuels it with value. Otherwise money is just pieces of paper with presidents on it. People want what money buys, not the money itself, for the only reason it can buy anything at all is because you have to work for it.

  • This just makes sense

    Why would anyone not want to use this system? I agree with every point made. If everyone is taxed the same percentage, No one can complain. A rich man paying $200, 000 and a poor man paying $2000 in tax would be fair as long as the % they had to pay based on their yearly income is equal.

  • People shouldn't fear success

    If you go to a tax calculator people who earn, Let's say a %1. 000. 000 a year would bring home around $450. 000, Which is not very fair if you ask me, It almost makes it seem like it's better to not be succesful if you want to not give up most of your salary

  • Absolutely agree 100%

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve no problem with anyone wanting to be rich but they should always pay the same tax rate no matter how much they earn. More money taken out of the system means less left for everyone else. This is why capitalism will eventually fail and governments print more money aka quantitive easing.

  • People that have higher incomes often need more.

    The biggest incentive to make more money is needing it. If you have a single person that makes $30,000/year, has not gotten an education, and works an entry-level job to fund his lifestyle, this is his choice. 250,000/ year seems like a lot to most of us, but this can easily happen with two people in a household, each working a fill time and a part time job, so that they can pay off their student debt, start a family, or whatever else the case may be. People that work this hard shouldn't be taxed. And what about families with more needs; a family with a child with special needs, or with six children is only allotted tax breaks if their income is at or below the median.

    Person A is 25 years old, makes $40,000/year as a supervisor at a fast-food restaurant. He pays 15% tax, leaving him with $35,500. He can afford to go to Mexico, eat well, and pay the mortgage on his condo.

    Person B is 40, has a Ph. D, and after completing university at age 26, got married and had a family. He and his wife planned for 3 kids, but realized that their third pregnancy was quadruplets. His wife has stayed home until the kids were able to go to preschool at 3, and now that she has come back into the workforce, they cannot income split. Person B makes $160,000 per year, and pays 29% tax, leaving him with about 125,000, but his expenses are potentially 7 times that of Person A. Person B would like his children to go to university without worrying about money, but tuition alone for one degree per child at a community college would be over two years income; this is impossible for Person B.

    People don't work for money they don't need. If work was that enticing, we'd call it play.

  • You can't call the country fair when people aren't treated fairly.

    Why take more money from those who make more to cover government expenses when many of the government programs the money is used for is supporting the poor and not the rich? If you want money for schools, don't tax the rich, tax those with kids. If you want money for roads, don't tax the rich, tax those with cars. It's not rocket science. I have worked so hard and I feel like I am going nowhere even though I make a lot of money because I am paying almost 50% of it to the government - for what? I lean on government programs much less than those with less money.

  • It's the only thing as it would be fair.

    Class and increase me discrimination is the worst there is. Saying the wealthy should pay more is no different than saying the poor should pay more or blacks should pay more or gays should pay more. Separating and discriminating against people based on Sex, race, income, creed, or sexual preference is all the same and all wrong. We are better than that. Class envy is a disease. It takes the focus off of bettering oneself and puts it on coveting your neighbors possessions. If everyone paid the same percentage with no deductions or loopholes we'd all have equal skin in the game. We would end his system of people who pay nothing into the system voting themselves more free stuff at the expense of others. If the left would have us believe that the wealthy don't pay their fair share in taxes, what are they saying? That the wealthy are only paying say 10% while the rest of us pay a higher percentage? That's what they make us believe. That the rich pay hardly anything and the middle class shoulder the burden. That's nonsense. Regardless what percentage they pay, the rich contribute the staggering majority of the money in the pot. How much do the poor and middle class contribute? Huh? The very people who use welfare and foodstuffs and all the other entitlement programs? How much do they contribute? Or do they take more than they contribute? These are the same people who vote for higher taxes. The ones who don't pay taxes. Makes you wonder. So if the left think the wealthy get away with not paying their fair share, wouldn't a flat equal percentage for everyone with no deductions make them pay up? Why doesn't the left likr this? The very definition of equality that they preach? Because they know the wealthy pay the most taxes already. They want them to pay more. A flat equal tax in their mind doesn't hurt the wealthy enough. They want them to bleed more money. Cause it's not fair they are more and stuff. This material envy and jealousy is rampant on the American left. They refuse to mind their own effing business,not worry about what the wealthy are doing, and support a free society where everyone supports themselves with their own labors. Or doesn't and is left to live with the repercussions of that choice.

  • Don't punish the successful

    Everyone has a chance to be successful, no matter where you grow up. My mother was born into a broken family in a trailer park in Missouri. Her mother had her flown to LA to live with her father after her step father threatened to kill her with his shotgun if her mother divorced him. My mom graduated from high school and she paid for her community college and raised me at the same time all off of her McDonald's paycheck. She refused to be on welfare because she found it to be a broken system. She is now an ER Nurse and works day and night along with her husband to support me, my sister and my little brother. If she can do it, why can't you?

  • A progressive system is much more fair.

    #1. With the current system, the rich already contribute an enormous percentage of all the tax money the government receives. The purpose of taxes is to raise money for the government, and it makes sense that the vast majority of the money needed to run the country come from the people who control the vast majority of the money in the country.

    #2. There is plenty of motivation to be successful. Even with a progressive income tax, earning more income will always guarantee that you take home more money. And, leaving aside money for a moment, someone whose only motivation to be successful is to make money really ought not to reach success in the first place.

    #3. A progressive tax is not designed to "hurt the rich". There is no way that a successful individual's income could approach that of an entry-level worker simply because of progressive income tax. This is because income in a particular tax bracket is always taxed according to that bracket, regardless of any excess income. For instance, the lowest tax bracket (for single people) is $9,075 or less, which is taxed at 10%. Supposing I have a yearly salary of exactly $9,075, I would pay $907.50 in income tax and take home $8167.50. Now, if my salary were raised by $1 to $9,076, I'd pay $907.65 in income tax and take home $8168.35. An increase of $1.00 means I'd get to take home $0.85 more, and that's what it means to be in the 15% tax bracket. No matter how much the government increases the percentage a certain bracket must pay, it will never bring anyone's income down to a lower bracket.

    #4. Again, it just makes sense to take most of the money the government needs from the people who have most of the money the government oversees. This is not only practical, but fair, since those with the most wealth have the greatest incentive to keep the government functioning and ensure that the rule of law is upheld. Simply put, because the rich have more to lose from a societal collapse, they ought to pay more to help prevent such a collapse as would happen if the government were not well-funded enough to be effective. Trig314, you think the government is trying to incite class warfare, but I don't see this at all. It's laughable to think that the rich minority are getting picked on by the government; in fact, they are the few who have any serious voice in government.

    #5/6. These are just points about the importance of a good work ethic and not resenting others for their success. You say that the value of money comes from the fact that people work for it, but really this value comes from the fact that we all agree to give up our stuff in exchange for money. The idea that money is a promise of stuff is a social construct, making its value dependent on government's preservation of a stable society.

  • No the poor dont need high taxes

    We all know that the lower taxes on those who dont make much need the money more . Than the rich. Atleast that is how i feel because i grew up poor and didnt always get what i wanted to get k k k k k k k k k k

  • A Progressive System is the most efficient for the benefit of most people.

    A Progressive System is the most efficient for the benefit of most people. Lets say the in come tax is 10. Year would pay A family that makes 50,000 a year would pay 5,000. A family that has an income of 250,000 will pay 25,000. Even though family number 2 paid more money the effect on them will not be the same as family number 1. Thats why we have tax brackets.

  • NO, rich don't need high taxes.

    We've seen throughout history that lower taxes on those who make more money help the economy. The wealthy spend much more money when they are not taxed. The perfect example was during Ronald Reagan's presidency. Taxes really are not that bad for lower class families. They should have higher percentages.

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