Should everyday citizens be granted special permission to engage perpetrators of high-tech crime who are not physically dangerous?

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  • Engage In What Way?

    I believe this question is too vague to really address in any specific way. People who commit high-tech crimes are often very secretive and their crimes are often missed by their peers. How can a citizen know a criminal by how they appear, especially if they don't display an physical characteristics?

  • No: Ordinary Citizens Should Not be Involved in the Engagment of High Tech Criminals

    What we are witnessing is the dangerous transition of human beings into some integrated technological hive mind. By "deputizing" citizens to go after cyber criminals, we would essentially be networking minds into some ongoing and expanding security mindset that will infiltrate all aspects of life. Such a transition will make people little more than expendable autonomatons in a planet destroying, soul crushing, dehumanized world.

  • To Serve and Protect Others

    Even if the perpetrator of a crime is not considered to have considered to have committed a violent crime, that does not mean that a citizen should be allowed to engage. This is for two reasons. Firstly, a citizen engaging a criminal period could lead to the citizen feeling defensive about any activities they feel are out of sorts which could lead to a person becoming trigger-happy after experiencing a 'hero's high'. Secondly, just because the crime was high tech and not of a violent nature does not mean that the criminal will not become violent or use some form of excessive force. Weapons, particularly by those versed in high tech principles can be easily hidden on many people (and a person willing to commit a crime is not going to be worried about concealed weapons legalities) which could very well put the citizen, no matter how capable, in extreme danger or even mortal peril. People who are trained to properly engage criminals take a great deal of exercises and studies to do so and while having a citizen's watch for certain things is a boon to the police force and other task forces, they simply are not equipped to engage even 'non-violent' or high tech criminals.

  • No, crime fighting should be left to the cops.

    No, crime fighting should be left for the cops to handle as many people can get real creative when it comes to being physicaly dangerous. As long as an individual has arms and feet, they're physically dangerous as far as I'm concerned. Therefore, I believe that only trained people should deal with crime.

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