• Absolutely in my opinion

    I don't see what the secrecy is all about in this day and age? If everyone could see who voted for who then we would have a truly unbiased election and every vote would COUNT!! Every vote could be attached to a person. It is not like people are going to burn your house down in this day and age. I believe the main reason people don't vote is because they have no faith in the system due to no one being accountable if there is tampering. Who would EVER know?

  • Are you sure this is fair?

    But every vote DOES count! People should be allowed to say which political party to support, yet they have the right to keep it secretive too. I'd be interested for who supports who, yet I understand how many people would hate this, and it could endanger many people as well.

  • Mind your own!

    Why should you have the right to know who I vote for. It is personal and none of your business frankly.
    If votes were public them there would be pressure to conform and the essence of voting at all is lost.
    This idea is an attack against the very fabric of democratic elections.

  • No, Private voting ensures good voting

    Secret ballots allow people to vote according to their convictions without fear of judgment, outside influence, or coercion. In a democracy it is essential that people vote for the individual that they feel will best serve the interests of the people. Public voting would compromise this and would result in some people not casting votes. Sorry, if you want to know who I'm voting for you're probably going to hear that it's none of your business. I can make my vote known if I like, but it's my decision to do so.

  • That would be awful

    If people could see other people's vote, then it would be too easy to influence people to vote in a certain way and the system would become corrupt.

    If we really want democracy to be fair and support our society then it is important to keep voting secret. I don't think I would even vote if this happened.

  • Learn from History

    We've already been through a period of open voting, and it amounted to massive businesses gaining significant amounts of power. "Vote for 'Candidate A,' who supports our business, or lose your job." Ultimatums like this, made to exploit laborers, are the reason the US made voting private in the first place (there are other reasons, of course, but this was the most influential).

  • It would sway their opinion

    The problem with everyone being able to see what everyone else votes is that it would sway peoples votes to social norms. Think about this. If you interprite a fact one way and it leads you to your own opinion, yet your family believes something else and expects you to stay in line with them it would unfairly force people to vote differently. You may assume that wouldnt happen or that people should just grow the balls to express how they feel, but countless cults are based off of the fact that enough people will follow the crowd even when they know what they are doing is wrong.

  • Why are we debating if we should be able to see who votes for "who" and not who votes for WHAT?

    Politicians are totally obsolete. We should implement a public-use web server in which individuals can sign into a tax contribution profile and compartmentalize their total accrued tax efforts to their choice of private free market enterprises that are implemented to fulfill social objectives! And maybe not so much as to see what each individual has contributed their tax money towards, but to review the total collective tax expense efforts already geared towards which objectives, and the objectives would have a fixed amount needed to reach to begin the process... FREE the markets by individual choice!

  • Don't judge me.

    No. People should be able to vote for whoever they want, without fear of being judged based on their political views. It's a secret ballot for a reason. It ensures absolute privacy, and no rigging of the votes. Furthermore, politics can really divide people, so people's right to secrecy should be respected in this matter.

  • This title's wrong

    The title is "who votes for who", even though it should be "who votes for whom". You see, "whom" is an objective pronoun, which is what you need in this situation, as the second "who" you put was an object of a preposition. "Who" is a nominative pronoun, and you most commonly use it for subjects and appositives.

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bubbatheclown says2014-01-31T22:30:36.887
Unfortunately, in this day and age, people's houses would be burned down.

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