Should everyone be allowed to visit countries of their choice without Visa or any form of restrictions?

Asked by: Olsessy
  • Quit exaggerating it is possible

    The ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION can fit inside Texas. A family of 5 can even have 6, 000 sqaure feet of space.
    And its not like every one wants to live Texas. Some want to live in Europe others want to live ASIA or in Africa.
    But the rules and restrictions are too harsh.
    If we had a world ID then everyone could be identified and it would be easier to go anywhere around the world.
    Interpol would have an easier job catching criminals.
    Did you know that if someone did a crime and ran away to an extraction free country they can't arrest that person?
    Criminals would be easier to catch.
    And those who oppose immigration. Jobs will be lost to robots.
    You are going to lose your job immigrant or no immigrant get over yourself.

  • It causes over - population and criminal cases

    When everyone is allowed to visit countries of their choice, It can lead to over - population in the most visited countries, Under - population, High crime rates, Unemployment, Reduction in countries GDP. Every countries should have requirements for immigration and emmigration to curb the above listed. No visa, No entry!

  • It would ruin the world!

    That would mean that crimanals and terriosts could escape without punsihment and the world would be crazy. WE NEED ORDER. Also, Security issues would be totally common. Do you want to live in a world like that. Please, Keep the restrictions for your safety! THANK YOU PLEASE NEVER CHANGE THAT SYSTEM

  • It will most likely screw over everyone

    Right now the amount of immigrants America takes in is pretty good, Legal immigrants and asylum do end up giving the US a net benefit from their taxes, While some are scummy most want a better life. Even illegal immigrants have a net benefit from the labor they produce but if you let everyone in without control you will let a large crowd of bad people in regularly, You will get drug dealers and actual bad people that will f**k over the countries crime rates, The immigrants will take a lot of jobs away from people because now they can be replaced by someone who works for half the cost.

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