Should everyone be forced to go to church on sundays?

Asked by: GCouttie
  • Absolutely, it would add a much needed moral code to the county

    If everyone were forced to abide by one religion, we could finally have some structure in a world that has so far been overrun by crime and ignorance. Illiteracy rates would go down, and the economy would improve. Beyond that, the world would be safe for good, moral people to live in.

  • If by going to church every Sunday and experience different cultures and religions, then Hell yeah.

    Should everyone be forced to spend their Sunday's sitting at a Christian based religion? NO! Well, only if they want to.
    Should people (i'm not going to say "be forced" because that is dramatic) experience and learn about other cultures and religion, then yes, yes they should. And by other I mean a lot/all/as many as possible.
    Hear me out people. I'm not religious. And no one has to be, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't know about different religions. At this point, ignoring religion is like ripping out the middle of a history book. Should it be a reason people do things? Probably not. Is it a reason people do things? Yep.
    So again, should people be "forced" to attend [various] religions that may or may not take place on Sunday? Yeah, yeah they should.

  • Aha, no. I'm done with that.

    I'm not religious and there is no way in hell that I'd go to church on Sunday. Besides, people will probably have to do stuff during that time. Subjecting them to that is wrong.

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  • I think a defo no

    People need to have their own opinion on what they do, and think about the cost. Extremely expensive to build new churches and how to fit them, the only good thing is that I guess homeless people might get a job being a pope or something at a church, I say vote no

  • Why would you even THINK about doing that?

    We all believe in different things. To limit our thoughts would be like World War 3. We'd fight back, and if we are not Christian then we would just get angry. Especially atheists; they would be forced to learn about something that they don't believe in. Learning about other cultures is good, but only going to Christian churches-- that would be terrible.

  • That would be insanity.

    If the government even tried something like that in would be shot down instantly. The negative feedback would be unimaginable. The very idea of forcing people to go to church insults the right of religion stated and promised in the first amendment. Even many Christians would dislike this law, as many people have important events to be at on Sundays, and having to go to church would be an extreme inconvenience. So to be clear, I disagree 100% without any doubt that the government should impose laws forcing people to go to church on Sundays.

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