Should everyone be given a cheap electric car?

Asked by: Dhanvin
  • Yes, We need to start being environmentally friendly

    I understand the point that not everyone wants or needs cars, But for everyone who does have cars, We should get them electric cars as a replacement, Because then we can help save pollution. In conclusion, I think that people with cars that run on gas should get cheap electric cars to help our world. Of course, No cars are even better.

  • It will be to financially difficult.

    Well, Here we go. . .
    How the F is the government supposed to buy all these cars? Even with the current GDP of the US, It will be too financially difficult to give everyone a car. And plus, How are people supposed to pay to maintain these cars? And what about cities? Cities like New York City already have heavy traffic and by adding more cars won't solve anything.

  • This is not a human right

    Who's going to pay for this? The government. How does the government get most of its budget? Tax. Who's taxed most heavily? The average American.

    Do you seriously think that the environmental concerns surpass the extraordinary amount of debt this will plunge the US economy into? This will have serious ripple effects on the income of businesses (who will be taxed the most), Employment, Inflation, Interest rates, Which will turn the economy into deep depression.

    You haven't addressed the most important question, "how are we going to pay for it? " And the answer to that isn't pretty.

    A better situation is where national incomes increase, The economics of scale and competition for electric car companies increase, Lowering prices, And win out consumers because it's a BETTER car. Not some moral incentive to help the environment by the government.

    This is not to mention that, Unlike human rights, Humans are not intrinsically valuable as economic agents, But as a moral imperative we must regard the individual as sovereign.

  • I don't think so because not every one likes cars

    Not everyone likes cars other people could like pickups or vans because not every one is the same and like all of the same things things like sports not everyone likes the same sport they like all different things and that could be the same with sports and that and that is all

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PrimeBlader says2020-02-19T11:03:35.127
I think we have a winner

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