• Yes because employees have rights too.

    It's true that certain professions must be maintained at all times, such as doctors and police. HOWEVER, the average Joe who is stuck behind a sales counter with no customers and nothing to do should be able to have the day off to spend with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy, or mourn and respect, a day that is dedicated to some of the finest men and women our country has seen in its history.

  • It should get more respect

    Our fallen veterans deserve more respect. If they gave their lives for the country, the least the country can do is show some respect for them. It should be a day of reflection and introspection, and of remembrance, not a half day to get the grocery shopping done. It seems shallow otherwise

  • Employees need time off with their families

    It's a national Holiday meant to memorialize the many Americans who fought and died for American Freedom. Companies should have respect for this and not be open. There is no good reason that any "Non-Essential" company can't be closed this day. Corporate Greed has the potential to promote damage to American Families.

  • Yes because it's to honor people

    The idea behind memorial day is the honor those who have gone to fight in wars and have died. People should be given the opportunity to honor those that day, not be forced to go to work instead, I believe that giving people the right to honor those who have fought in battles is very important and should be allowed regardless of the job

  • Works to be done

    I think we should always have our nations vets on the top of our respect list, but its impossible to have everyone off on a holiday. If everyone was off how would we ever be able to go on a trip or do anything anywhere if someone wasn't working somewhere?

  • In today's economy it is no longer feasible for everyone to be off work on any given holiday

    Unfortunately, it is no longer practical for everyone to have off from work on holidays such as Memorial Day, or really any holiday for that matter. First off, industries that support the public welfare, such as medical staff and police must be staffed 24/7 regardless on the day, so that they can provide support and care to those in need. Secondly, we have become much more of a global economy, and in that structure, certain international firms are not going to recognize national holidays if their business is still in operation in other countries around the globe.

  • Everyone should not be off

    Everyone should not be off. If everyone were off then we'd have no doctors or nurses. Nor would we have police or firemen on a day that we are relaxing. Too many people drink on holidays like Memorial Day so let's keep the hospital and security personnel we need to stay safe.

  • Jobs are important...

    Do you really want to have no doctors or firelighters around on memorial day? Many Americans these days have a barbecue on memorial day, so that increases the risk of a fire. But if nobody was working, how could you get help if a fire started to burn your house or a forest? That's right, you couldn't get help from actual firelighters. Or what if you got into an accident or had a seizure or broke a bone? How would you get help? There are some jobs that we just can't afford to give breaks to like that. We can still have some people have off like teachers and school officials, restaurants, and have store times reduced for holidays.

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