Should everyone be required to give at least 10% of their salary to help alleviate world poverty?

  • More than 10 percent

    Doing so will result in a greater good to society. Those who have been given the privilege that others don't have ought to contribute towards others having the same or some opportunity. And paying taxes to a neutral body like the government can and has been an efficient way to spreading utility. I think society should value both individual effort and collectivism.

  • It's my Hardwork

    "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."- Confucius. Giving money will not help reduce poverty. It is just a short-term solution. Teaching the poor about different jobs is a better solution. Once the money is spent, more money will be required. This doesnt mean the money earned by a person should be used to help another.

  • I am not against charity or giving.

    But if everyone was required to give at least 10% of their salary for poverty, then they might not do it while feeling satisfied. People will give 10% because they are required to. And that is also because 10% is not a small amount. In addition, it depends on the salary of the person. Not everyone has a good salary. I agree with the previous argument, that to help the poor is by teaching them how to make money out of their resources.

  • Out of their own goodwill

    This is literally Communism (correct me if I'm wrong). From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. I should keep the money that I work for and give as I please. The government has no moral right to force me to give that much of my income to someone less fortunate

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JerseyMcJones says2013-10-30T02:36:20.227
Most people could not afford such a tax.