Should everyone be required to have health insurance as required by the health care laws of Obamacare?

  • Everyone should have some type of health care

    Yes, I think that everyone should have some type of health care. With health care comes preventive maintenance. Many of the serious health issues, if caught early in their stages, can be cured or made to be no so serious. Obamacare is a good idea, if forces everyone to take steps to take care of themselves.

  • Health Insurance Should Not Be a Government Mandate

    American citizens should have the choice of deciding whether or not they want health insurance. For some, health insurance is not a luxury that they can afford. If the government mandates that everyone must have health insurance, it will place undue stress on families who are unable to afford it and would create an added layer of pressure for families as they struggle to abide by the new law.

  • No, everyone should not be required to have health insurance.

    No, everyone should not by law be required to carry health insurance. First of all, not everyone can afford the cost of the insurance. Insurance is so expensive to have in the first place, not to mention the crazy high deductible you have to pay before they will even pay for anything. Secondly, not everyone wants to carry insurance. If those people need to be seen, they will pay out of pocket. Why should anyone be forced to have something they do not want?

  • It's a choice.

    Health care didn't used to be something that was considered a right. It was considered a responsible part of financial planning. This is just the young people, who don't really need it, subsidizing the older people. Haven't the baby boomers already given themselves enough on the backs of the young people already?

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