• Everyone should learn

    I believe everyone should have a brief look on different religions in their lives and choose which they best fit or maybe not because we need something to believe on and seek help from, Or else we would feel really isolated to ourselves, And especially when we are in a life crisis, We do not know what to do or who to look for.

  • H h hh h

    As long as its an actual religion. None of that filthy nigger tree worshiping fat cock worshiping shit. None of that sand nigger jihad shit none of that dune coon hijab shit. None of that pennypinching white-nigger jew shit. You can only find salvation through GOD and JESUS. FUCK NIGGERS FUCK JEWS FUCK SAND NIGGERS(Muslems)
    -sincerely porchmonkey34

  • Act and belief

    A person can believe or not but how can act in society? I ask a question here. Can we ignore humanity value like right of living or right of voting? Of course no, He have choice to agree or not but can not act against. To answer main question, Religion is divided to social act and individual belief. I think in social part we should have legal limitation.

  • This premise goes against the standards of a free society

    Our constitution advocates a separation of church and state. Our founding fathers advocated that the United States is a free country that allows you to believe whatever you want without getting persecuted for it. Being forced to believe in a religion is a direct violation of our inalienable rights and is unconstitutional. Everyone has the right to hold whatever belief they please, That includes holding no religion at all.

  • How do you do that?

    You can't compel everyone to pick a religion or one religion in a free society, It goes against the basic premise of our culture religious liberty. Would everyone agree? Isn't that what religious liberty means, No one is compelled to accept a creed. It's the first rule we put in our constitution.

  • You don't have to if you don't want to

    I'm catholic and I strongly believe in God but you should be able to believe in whatever you want to in my opinion. If you want to believe that science created the universe somehow then go ahead. I don't think it matters as long as you agree with what you believe in

  • It’s a choice

    People are allowed to believe In whether they want whether it’s religion or non-religion. There is no reason to shove eachother’s crap down each other’s throats. We cannot agree in everything and that is something we need to face, It won’t kill you to just not care. You have a right to choose.

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