• Actually, everyone should go vegan

    Vegetarism is for those who don't want to eat individuals, but they still accept them getting tortured.
    Of course, people usually don't get this, maybe because they got no information about how an animal feels if it's free and how they do if they are not, but people who aren't as ignorant as the majority and who know what pity is, are, hopefully, going to go vegan in the future! (by the way, there will be in-vitro meat on the market soon :)

  • It would cause imbalance of life on earth.

    Even though I am a vegetarian, I disagree. This is because if everyone were to become vegetarian, animals would be left to overpopulate. By eating meat, humans are controlling the overpopulation and so making sure that the world isn't overridden with animals. I do think, however, that people should make sure they are buying meat from animals that have grown up in a happy, healthy environment, and making sure they were killed in the least painful way possible.

  • Plants are also living creatures!

    If you want the world to stop eating meat in order to not hurt animals, then just let us stop eating everything, including vegetables. Since plants are also living creatures that react with the outer world.

    Also, most of the religions allow the eating of what is called " clean meat " and I guess we all agree that no one is more merciful than god

  • It would destroy hundreds of jobs

    Thousands of people work for companies that sell meat. All of them would probably lose their jobs and lead them to poverty. It would cause massive economic turmoil for the employees themselves and for many employers. That is a reason why the world should not become vegetarian. Ok ok ok

  • I believe humans who eat meat are not as healthy as vegetarians

    Vegetarians tend to look much younger and rarely overweight. I am an animal lover and have heard from people who work in abbatoirs how awful it is and how the animals panic as they can smell blood so the fact that the animals are in a state of fear may cause the meat to be unhealthy for humans . I read that vegetarians do not develop cancers as much as meat eaters.Also the vegetarians generally have less illness and stay fit far longer than meat eaters.

  • Its rlly stewpid

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  • Everyone should go vegan

    -conserves fossil fuels
    -conserves water
    -uses grain efficiently
    -conserves topsoil
    - helps reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution while saving water and other -precious resources.

    Fiber. A diet high in fiber (as vegan eating usually is) leads to healthier bowel movements. High fiber diets help
    fight against colon cancer.

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