• Vegan is healthiest

    It's not a coincidence that cancer and heart disease have increased now more than ever. People are eating more meat, more dairy, and much much much less plant based foods.

    Vegans have a 4% chance of ever having a heart attack. While meat eaters have a terrifying 50% chance!! That's a bet I'm not willing to take.


  • Not vegetarian, vegan!!

    Humans are natural herbivores and can easily obtain all the nutrients they need from plants. Animals aren’t here for our food, fashion, or beauty products. Animal farming is also the leading cause of climate change and greenhouse gasses. Veganim is the best lifestyle for humans, and although vegetarianism is a step in the right direction, veganism is really the best choice for humans.

  • People need proteins

    We can’t get a substantial amount of protines from plants. I’m for you making your own choices but you can’t force you beliefs on others with your veggies and some people need more xyz and can’t get a good amount from plants

    So no I don’t think we should all plus if we ate only all veggies we would eat all the vegetarian animals food

  • We are omnivores.

    Human beings are omnivores. And yes, While we DO have the flat back teeth of a plant eater, We don't need sharp fangs because we kill our prey with our hands, Not our teeth. We even have a little relic of carnivorism. Ever heard of a little thing called a "canine tooth"?

  • I am tired of vegans

    I see video after video of vegans going insane about meat eaters calling them murders and comparing animals to humans. Lets all just let meat eaters do what humans are supposed to do and eat meat and let vegans stay in their safe spaces and do what they love to do.

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