• Yes, I believe that everyone SHOULD have life insurance.

    I do believe that everyone should have life insurance because it can help aid your family in the event of an unexpected loss. Now I don't believe that it should be mandated that everyone have life insurance, but I do believe that its a good way to protect your assets and your family. Majority of people should have life insurance.

  • Insurance for Survival

    Insurance is a showstopper in regards to surviving and keeping monies available for unexpected and unfortunate events. Life insurance is a what Americans don't like to talk about but is a necessary evil. Paying monthly insurance premiums will also help the economy that is just getting out of the recession.

  • Life Insurance is a temporary need..

    If you have been mature and saved money, you only need it for the length of time you are in debt.. Mortgage, add some extra for premature death to look after family, If you need $600,000.00 coverage buy a term policy to cover the length of time your debt is. Also invest properly with an advisor, from age 20 to age 65 a deposit of $100.00 per month invested at the average secure fund returning 11% annual return yields, over $2,5 million. Why would you need insurance?

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