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Should everyone have the chance to be a pro athlete in order to earn pay for playing sports?

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  • Root for the Underdog

    Everyone should be allowed to try out for professional sports. If they are good enough, they will be picked up by a team and makes some money. Media would also eat this stuff up the underdog gets just as much attention as the number one draft pick. It would bring the fans in to. Everyone loves Rudy.

  • Everyone should have the chance to be a professional athlete in order to earn pay for playing sports.

    Everyone should have the chance to be a professional athlete in order to earn money for playing sports. Everyone does have that opportunity. Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent or ability. There are many athletes that have come from underprivileged homes and have been successful in an athletic career. Coaches don't care from where you came. They are interested if you are talented and educated enough to compete at a professional level.

  • Yes, I think everyone should have the chance to be a pro athlete.

    Yes, I think everyone who is able to play a sport at a professional level should have a chance to be a pro-athlete, I think scouts are always looking for talent at all levels from high schools to colleges, I think that the best of the best usually does get a fair shot at making a professional sports team.

  • No, everyone cannot be a pro athlete.

    Right now everyone does have a chance to be a pro athlete. Only those athletes who are sufficiently good at sports (and really only those good at sports that people will pay to watch) can earn money. The only reason that ANYONE can earn pay for playing sports is because EVERYONE cannot earn pay for playing sports.

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