• Because everyone could use them for: A. Hobbies B. Self defence C.Ferrel animals D. Fun

    A. Shooting clay targets,rabbits,targets
    B. If someone breaks in and has a gun you will need one to.
    C. If there is a fox (etc) that is killing stock on your property youll need something to get rid of it.
    D. Droving,shooting,bad animals.

    In other words:
    I personally think that EVERYONE should have the right to bear arms in case of any of these incidents.

  • NO, like parenting

    There should be a IQ test taken before one can own a gun. And certainly mandatory before having a child. There should be a moratorium on how many guns can be produced a year as well as kids. This almost will solve two enormous problems simultaneously. Then there should be a declaration that if you believe in ANY organized religion, you will be deported to Alaska. Wow, that's three. So say we all.

  • Not EVERYONE, but yes.

    When I say not everyone I mean the obvious. Criminals who can't pass a background check shouldn't be able to buy a gun. There should be another background check devised that is given by a shrink to test for mental illness(of the violent type), because the current background check system we have seems to be horrible at picking it up. If you live with someone who is mentally ill and may become violent, you should be subject to the laws in place for California.

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