• If everyone could vote..

    Then the people seeking our votes would make sure they are able to please everyone. If we live in this country and pay taxes, we should be able to vote. Only under the harshest circumstances should someone not be able to vote (capital murder).

    Voting rights should not be relinquished from felons forever. If a convicted felon stays out of prison for a length of time they should be able to have their rights restored. People in prison should be able to vote, too. How can our prison system ever improve if no one is looking out for them? They are the forgotten population of America and that's cruel. That is not how it should be.

    Posted by: Esco
  • It's called Democracy People.

    If you live in a country you should be allowed to vote. Honestly after 16, when you are mature enough to take the system seriously you should definitely be allowed to vote. We all deserve to contribute to the future and if people are not allowed to vote then we aren't creating a fair, balanced society.
    This is what people fought for, what people still fight for and if taken away from certain groups in the US then what are you trying to create other than a society biased towards the privileged few.

  • Yes, everyone should have the right to vote in the United States.

    Yes, everyone should have the right to vote in the United States because our country was founded as a democracy. Who is to say that one group of people cannot vote while another can? If everyone could vote, the US would not have elected the most unqualified president of all time.

  • We need more voices.

    A person who has been convicted of a felony should still have the right to vote, because they have a unique perspective on the criminal justice system in the United States. We need to have the input of everyone who might have a role in living in the country and suffering the consequences of laws. It shouldn't just be for a few select people to tell everyone else what to do.

  • Not Everyone Deserves a Vote

    Why should the vote of a college educated intellectual who has spent the entirety of his life studying politics, government, and world history have a vote worth the exact amount as someone whose only concern is the world is who wants to up his welfare checks? Why is there no test to discern if you actually know anything going on in the countries current election cycle. You not only should, have to prove you actually care for the future of your country enough to research the candidates and their stances but that by doing so you have righteously earned your vote.

  • No, everyone should not have the right to exercise their vote.

    Having the right to vote is a privilege that not everyone continually earns. Although most US citizens should be allowed to fulfill this honor, unfortunately there are times where the right to vote should be forfeited. Anyone performing a violent act or hate crime against another US citizen is just one example. In a world that is becoming increasingly more bullying, and the continued domestic terrorism, it is my opinion in those instances your voting right should be terminated. Taking away someone's freedom to vote sends a clear message to other offenders what this Country stands for.

  • Right to vote should be earned

    I do not believe that every citizen of the United states should automatically be granted the right to vote - indeed I believe that it should be a privilege. There are already restrictions placed on those who have been convicted of a felony but I feel this could be extended to other criminals as well.

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