Should everyone in London use public transport

Asked by: kieran4970
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  • Hell no way

    Cars are better. If I were living in London I'd buy a car. Or I'd take a bike. (One, I believe girls like Melanie C, are impressed by those with cars, haha). But still, cars are better. Transit is just as crowded and is way more falible than car use.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Everyone in London should not use public transportation. I see nothing to celebrate about public transportation. If someone wants to use it, fine, let them use it. But what's better about it from private transportation? I don't really want to stand in some crowded train next to a bunch of idiots just to celebrate that I'm part of the 'human race,' whatever that even is. If we want to save gas and have clean air by not pumping fumes into the air, fine, I'll use a bicycle by myself.

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