Should everyone in the United States be required to carry an identity card?

  • Yes to National ID card but.....

    I'm from a place where everyone (including children once they reach a certain age) is required to get a card. Most of us have already encounter times when we are asked to provide (mail, birth certificate, SSN etc) as form of evidence to our identity when we go to banks, make purchases with our credit card, etc. and national ID card would would help increase our security. Also, to those who have a strong opinion of illegal immigrations, a national ID card would help distinguish those who are and aren't US citizen/ legal resident.

    However, if our government is to enforced such policy, then the government has the responsibility to ensure that everyone, rich or poor, has the means to obtain this id and also to renew/replace it. How would the government allocate the expense to do so? Well hopefully the gov would have some sensible solution.

  • Yes to combat domestic terrorism and radicalism

    As stated in so many posts. So many aspects of life already require proof of id. Post 9/11 we need more cross law enforcement cooperation. ICE and local police, ID lawswould aid in getting the criminals of the streets and terrorists apprehended . Voterr fraud gone. Increased safety for all

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  • Every one should carry an school Id a id/license card from department of motor vehicles

    Sex offenders id/license card from department of motor vehicles we to know who they are that for sure, people stand in front of a house robing it police officer pulls up no ID but you live there ok, no- no ID detain them to prove they live there I am not taking their world for it, and yes this happen to me and show ID I live there good idea, It’s only a ID not a big deal, it is if you something to hide.

  • Get an I.D.

    Your "privacy" is not being bothered unless you are asked to prove you have a legal right to be in the U.S.A. or to prove you are not a criminal, once a person is arrested near your family upon I.D. Check for criminal activity your family you will then understand

  • Better safe than sorry.

    Whats the big deal with people on not needing ID. If you didnt have anything to hide then who cares who you are. Would you rather hand over your ID card to a police officer or give your SSN out to him. Exactly. On the same note how would you get cigs and alcohol. I dont condone buying them but you need ID to purchase them. Also what if something bad happens to you dont you want people to know who you are and can contact loved ones to break the news or let them know whats going on. Even though we live in a digital age we need to keep some things offline.

  • Identification is needed; more now than ever!

    Think of the victims of 9/11; because they had identification, we knew that they were people; that they were human beings, and not just bodies. While some believe that having identification infringes upon their rights, no one said anyone has to furnish it when stopped by authorities; just have it on your person.

    With what's happened at public schools, wouldn't YOU want to know who's authorized to be there and who isn't, when your child attends there? If you had a problem in a retail store w/ a cashier, wouldn't YOU want to be able to give a name to a manager to resolve it? If someone robbed you, wouldn't YOU want the perpetrator to be caught because they did something simple as take your money to a liquor store and USE THEIR ID to pay for beer, leading to a conviction?

    Even if your name is John Smith, you're not the only John Smith. What's preventing you from being mistaken from John Smith the murder, without a differential of address/social security number/picture?

  • It easily sets you apart from scofflaws.

    You already have to present ID for public business and some private transactions, and you can get arrested for driving without a license in good standing. How serious would violation be is a separate issue; I would consider it less serious than driving without a valid license. The creeping police state argument is moot considering how often we already need to present valid ID. I think if you don't carry ID, the police should not be able to arrest you just for that, but they should be able to quickly take a photo and fingerprints if they have the means immediately on hand, write a ticket comparable to a very minor traffic violation at their discretion, and promptly send you on your way. If the law were fashioned properly, it could serve the public interest without inviting police abuse.

  • Law Enforcement

    I work in Law enforcement and yes, there could be people out there walking around with warrants. My question to those whom say no to ID's is, what if you were working in a bad part of town and every person you talked to said they didn't have an ID?

  • Yes, because carrying an identity card would increase safety.

    Requiring everyone in the United States to carry an identity card would be a good idea, because it would make society safer. Most people carry an ID with them anyway, so this proposal would get great support. It would make things easier for the police, and easier to identify bodies.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • This could be racist

    The average american, likes pizza. The average american likes meat. The weird Americans don't like these foods. If you are one who doesn't like these foods, learn to like them. Don't do dumb stuff. Don't drop out of school kids. Everybody hates you. This could really offend some people because of lack of trust.

  • Id's are useless

    Id's cards are unless because you can put a coin in the bus. Bars why you tell you why are people fine to go to hang out no everything have to look at the things you are wearing. Also I know people can disagree about police but let me think why put a red mark to know how many pull overs you got.

  • This isn't nazi germany, this is a violation of basic rights and liberties.

    A policy like this is unconstitutional and will lead to nothing good. As a free person I always have the right to refuse, people are not slaves and don't need to carry their papers with them at all times. I would never participate in a program such as this. It is one thing to have a drivers license, but if I choose not to do anything that requires a permit, or choose not to obtain, that is my right.

  • They Already Know Who You Are

    And if they don't, it's none of their business. Requiring papers for everyone is just one step shy of controlling the movements of the population and interference in our inherent right to travel. Americans long prided ourselves on our freedom to travel freely and should still be able to do so without unnecessary government interference.

  • Are you kidding me? What is this, Nazi Germany?

    In a free society, citizens who are minding their own business are not obligated to "show their papers" to police. In fact, in the United States there's no law requiring citizens to carry identification of any kind. If there were, this would be much like Nazi Germany. That's what too many of you that voted yes don't seem to understand. Requiring IDs to be carried at all times could actually increase the number of false identification papers that are forged. It would be a nasty can of worms that *nobody* truly wants opened.

  • Freedom from persecution

    This was written into our laws because of persecutions that our ancestors suffered. Many people have been persecuted for being part of a specific group. Just because you are black doesn't mean you are part of a gang, just because you are Hispanic doesn't mean you are an illegal alien, just because you are White doesn't mean you are entitled. Just because you were a criminal at one time, doesn't mean you are one now. Just because you are muslim doesn't mean you are a terrorist, just being german doesn't make you a NAZI, just being Irish doesn't make you part of the NRA. We aren't black, white, orange, green, german, irish, catholic, baptist, or anything else. We are Americans! We should uphold the ideals that this country was founded on which was freedom; and this is one of those ideals. Until we can completely eliminate prejudice, stereotypes, entitlement, and feelings of persecution from our society, we shouldn't be attempting to eliminate ideals that are based on freedom for everyone.

  • Your papers please

    I believe they did this in Nazi Germany by using the Star of David AS A ID !!! I REFUSE to spit on the soldiers graves including my grandparents who fought against this kind of Fascist society in WWII. I cannot believe how WILLING Americans are to give up Liberties. If you are not willing to fight for your country, WHO WILL ???

  • Loss of freedom

    Requiring Americans to carry identification with them at all times would be the end of liberty and democracy and the beginning of fascism (which is what I suspect the far right wants). Totalitarian governments require their citizens to carry and provide identification at all times, and I am surprised that conservatives---who profess to want smaller, less intrusive government---would advocate mandating a national identification card.

  • Freedom of Privacy

    A person shouldn't be required to carry an identification card at all times. Why should someone have to unless they are required for a specific item. If someone wants alcohol they will bring their ID, if someone wants cigarettes they will bring their ID etc. Also if they happen to be stopped by the police, the police have computers in their patrol cars so they can look someone up. It seems that worked out for now and that's how it should be.

  • No, it is no different than an identifying tattoo.

    So much more efficient..A tattoo bar code of sorts. One could not forget it or ruin it by putting it through the washing machine. It frightens me that the majority here are in favor of mandatory ID cards; that it would be so skewed. Once again, the needs and wants of the collective will take precedence over those of individuals in the name of safety and security.

    Posted by: polc

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