Should everyone in the world speak the same language: Would the universal language be beneficial economically?

  • Yes, it would make traveler's lives easier.

    Travelers or people who want to explore the world would not run into anyone speaking a different language and would be able to travel and communicate easily. They would be able to go wherever whenever and not have to waste time learning a new language that is only used in 1 part of the world.

  • Absolutely it would be more beneficial economically. It would also be more beneficial culturally and socially.

    Language at it's core is a tool used by humans to communicate ideas between each other. Not only do we communicate ideas but we coordinate our social interactions and our perception of the physical world. Not being able to communicate with each other leads to isolation, misunderstanding, mistrust, bigotry, hate, confusion and violence. If I had one "super power" it would be the ability to talk with anyone. That would be more powerful than flying, spinning webs and x-ray vision. That being said everyone learning on language all at once would be difficult. I propose that everyone graduate high school knowing 2 Languages. Their Primary and English, or any agreed apon. Given time A Primary language will evolve that everyone will understand.

  • Yes, trade would increase dramatically if everyone could communicate easily

    If everyone spoke the same language there would no longer be communication barriers when attempting to open trade with foreign countries. People could more easily form new contracts and there would be no issues with hiring a labor force that can't understand their tasks. While it may be a pipe dream, there is absolutely no question that a common world language would be a recipe for economic benefit.

  • Cultural Bable Hard to Change

    Should everyone in the world speak the same language: Would the universal language be beneficial economically? Theoretically a universal language could benefit the world economically, but it would be hard to achieve, hard to enforce. [God forbid it would be enforced]. Myth teaches that when the Tower of Babel was being built, the project was possible only because the workers all understood each other. When the height of the tower threatened Heaven, God took away the workers' ability to understand each other, casting them into different languages, ending the project due to lack of communication. Even if the whole world was trained to speak the same language and did not lapse into original languages, eventually regional dialects would emerge from the universal language, perhaps morphing into sub-languages. Because of the distances and differences in cultures I do not think it feasible for a universal language to be established or maintained.

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