• There is a Conspiracy

    My government has lied to me about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Roswell, area 51, 911, El Chupacabra, Satanism, Evolution, Death rays, the Great lakes, Project Haarp, Project Blue Beam, the Antichrist Dajjal, ufos, lizard people, jinn, The Devil...Etc. It is about time they start telling the truth, the Zionist Illuminati rules the world, and they are under the control of Satan and his minions disguised as lizard people, Inshallah we will know the truth about the government once Imam Mahdi comes and Jesus (as) returns to kill the Dajjal inshallah

    accept Islam today and become 100% Muslim and do good deads, Worship Allah (swt) alone, and follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) pray 5 times a day, and fast and follow what Islam teaches and you will go to heaven inshallah

    otherwise you will burn in hell forever inshallah

  • Pros & cons

    Pros - It's always better to have the people in the knowing rather then the dark, and like they say, "The truth will set you free".
    Cons - Most things from what I had research and things that has slipped out indicates that, if such information came to those that have believes that collides with the info giving then you might see a lot of confusion if not people going flat out crazy. As they say, "You can't handle the truth".

    Note that when I say believes, I'm speaking in terms of the word as defined which is "To accept something".

    Posted by: knu
  • Because these secrets usually have nefarious purposes.

    When the military is using questionable tactics on civilians in another country, the people should know because then we could protect the rights of all other humans and re-evaluate the purpose of the war. If the NSA is spying on us we have the right to know because we can only assert our constitutional rights when we know what they are actually doing and if it turns out that they were unlawfully surveying someone's home they should be charged with a crime. Most secrets are little things, and people should be able to make up their mind whether or not they can live in a country that does things that they do not agree with. Most secrets have been things like false attacks used to start wars or covering up certain military tactics that are not legal, which need to be released so that we can stop letting people die for no reason. The only exception would if countries were at peace because of a lie and that if the truth were discovered they would go to war, but I have yet to think of any situation in which this has happened.

  • Panic might arise

    One of the main issues in the United States regards illegal aliens. Many people believe that they shouldn't be allowed to step foot in this country. Now, what if the government released all was-secret knowledge, and that knowledge involved the fact that their were real aliens at Roswell? How would people react? Some, like me, might find it a wonderful opportunity for science, but those people who don't even like other humans coming into the their country might have an even worse reaction to the thought of non-human beings "invading" their country, and worse still is that the government lied to them.

  • The right to information by the people is extremely important in a democracy, but it is not absolute.

    Knowing government transaction is essential to the exercise of our democratic rights; it allows us to scrutinize the actions taken by the government whether or not abuses are made. However, this right has limitations especially when national security is at stake. For instance, a secret must be kept from the people as that particular information might endanger the lives of many. Especially terrorist groups who want vital secrets in the operation of the government so that they would be able to penetrate security measures. Undoubtedly, the right to information does not outweigh national security.

  • Should the government keep secrets from the public

    I’m against our United States government keeping secrets from the public because, if you take privacy from the government you reduce its power and increase liberty, The public’s right to know is being violated every day, and most of all because of the Freedom of information act that was stated in 1966.

    “If you take privacy from the government, you reduce its power, and you increase liberty”(HP). The government deliberately lies to our faces that the secrets that they are keeping are so important that the public would not understand and it would be a threat to national security.

    The public’s right to know is being violated every day, I say this because the Freedom of information. The Freedom of information act stated in 1966 that the public has the right to observe government documents.

    “People Declare that too much surveillance, in the form of wearable cameras and computers, is detrimental and leaves people without any privacy in public.

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