Should everyone, no matter what their race, color, religion, sexuality, political views, or gender, be treated equally?

Asked by: SierraLayla101
  • Of course they should!

    Just because someone is born a certain way doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be treated the same way as anyone else. A person can't help being born black, or Asian, and therefore they shouldn't be treated a certain way.

    And having a different belief system doesn't mean they are inferior. We are all of the species homosapien, (human) and the "borders" and "boundaries" are no more than what we make them. We were all born equal. Only societal boundaries make it not that way.

  • This shouldn't be a question, Why would someone ask that????

    Of course, everyone wants to be treated equally. And everyone needs to be treated equally. You'll never know what is going through someone's life so if you think you don't like someone belonging to something you don't like just don't do something that hurts their feelings. I bet you wouldn't want a person to treat someone else better than you.

  • Not even a question.

    Seriously. Anyone who's not brain-dead should know that equality for everyone is extremely important. Think like you were blind. You couldn't see what color their skin was, what gender they were. How would you judge them, then? You wouldn't. Close your eyes and think about a world where everyone is equal. Its a better world, isn't it?

  • Is this even a question.

    Seriously. What twisted, brain dead idiot would say no to a question like this. Think like you were blind. You couldn't see what color skin people had, what gender they were, or what they looked like in general. How would you treat everyone then? Think about it. Really,
    You are a lunatic.

  • Yes, of course!!!

    Of course they should!!! Everyone is made equal!! Everyone is human. Every human has rights. As a matter of fact, every living thing has rights!!!! So we should treat everyone equally!! Remeber, treat everyone as you would want them to treat you! Also, think about this: You don't know what kind of life they are living, so don't judge them!!!

  • Everyone should be treated the same

    As it says in the bible: ‘For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility’. God wanted us all to have equal rights. Are we not all human beings? Everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter their gender or religion. Even if they have done something horrific, they are still a human being and where would we be in society if we all didn't make mistakes. Don't judge people based on what they do, we are all just humans doing what we believe.

  • Everyone deserves Equal Rights

    It does not matter who you are at the end of the day we are all humans and should be treated as equals as beliefs and views do not make you better than anyone else. Yet sadly history is not so nice and as such we will always remain divided.

  • Not everyone deserves it

    Some groups of people, such as communists, BLM, LGBT, and feminists have showed the world that they are nothing more than crybabies, terrorists, and overall just bad. The aforementioned groups should be shamed by today's society, but due to our morals and ethics being twisted so fiercely, I believe it is impossible to revert society.

  • This is too general of a question

    All views would most likely include Nazism, Communism, Extremist Muslims, and more. I will not give people who support those things respect, on no accounts. We as people deserve to have the right to stand up for our morals and what we think is right. Giving bad people respect is not what I think is right.

  • It's OK to stand up for something

    It should be OK to discriminate people who support Nazism, Communism, and ISIS. We should treat them with contempt.

    This is a broad question, and there are a lot of groups, and religious sects that should be discriminated against. We should treat our friends better than dickheads. Three more words.

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