Should everyone on earth get 3 wishes at the same time?

  • Meh meh meh

    I think it should be on the day you turn 18 you get 1 wish. But it has to be that uber realistic genie like "i wish for a million bucks!" a million bucks (deer) appear. And you can't ask for more wishes, but you can ask for time to reset or you could wish to live forever type of ordeal.

  • No, you're wrong

    This is where I write a well constructed response. But, you know, my friend just tried to show me a picture of a six-dimensional object, so I'm just done with life in general. This topic has one opinion, so I'm going to just change that real quick... Fuck you SilverWoof

  • That would be a catastrophe, now wouldn't it?

    Imagine what people would do, especially if the wishes had no bounds, people could be doing stuff from resurrecting Hitler to creating a nuke capable of destroying the world as we know it. That could be just the tip of the iceberg, people could wish for inter-dimensional travel, the universe might self-implode. As much as I would love to elaborate more, this topic (and answer) is a joke on its own. Lol have a nice day

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