• Everyone Should Own A Firearm

    If everyone owns a firearm then crime decreases, and people are much safer from violence. Many times Lefty communists, often known as Democrats, often want to take away all the guns, this is impossible. The best solution is to arm everyone who can pass a background check and is mentally stable.

  • They Cause Accidents

    Even with background and mental health checks to make sure that only sound, respectable people are owning firearms, everyone makes mistakes, and guns just lead to accidents. There may be some merit to the idea of self-defense, but people change, and with easy access to such dangerous weapons, suicide and murder rates would peak.

  • It's a personal choice

    You can't just go around forcing people to own firearms. It's their choice in whether or not they want to own a firearm. Perhaps somebody doesn't trust them-self with a firearm, so they don't want one, but you've just gone and given them one against their will. If somebody doesn't want a firearm, they shouldn't have to have one.

  • Depending on the one in question

    If someone is an honest individual who has had little to no brushes with the law before, and has not gone through any emotional trauma recently (divorce, loss of job, etc...) then i believe that they should be able to own a gun, it may be for sport or for protection. However, if someone is not an honest individual (felon for instance) then they should not own a weapon as they could turn that on someone else.

  • It will only make it worse

    If everyone owns a firearm, people would just go on the streets and shoot everyone! Like, if you have background checks, then those who are not allowed to have firearms will become discriminated. Firearms should be something only police (or military) people have, and should only be used if extremely nessesary.

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