• Fairness / Equality means everyone pays and receives the same.

    Fairness / Equality means everyone pays and receives the same. Show me how I am entitled to benefits of another persons work. Or them mine. The 13 th. Amendment Section 1. States: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction".

    Servitude is fine, but it has to be voluntary. We live in a republic, where the minorities are protected from the (non-paying) masses.


    If it is a democracy then it is compulsory that every one has an equal right no matter who you are, what family you belong to, etc. The only exception would be for the poor people in the community who really cannot pay the taxes. I AM WRITING THIS TO COMPLY WITH THE 50 WORDS

  • Why the should the poorer pay more?

    There are obviously less fortunate people who can afford posh things. Some can just survive on the money they get paid so why would everyone pay the same amount of tax? Lets just say a multibillionaire pays $1000 tax, some can't even afford tat much money to pay tax. So people shouldn't pay the same amount of tax.

  • Rich People have more money to pay, so they should pay it

    Remember the Warren Buffet shenanigans? Where Warren Buffet, a REALLY rich guy found out that he paid less taxes than his SECRATARY?
    The truth is, the government does need tax money to run properly, and the rich are much better at supplying that money than the poor and lower middle class families

  • If everybody paid the same amount of tax, rather than the same percentage, everybody but the very richest would pay more than they do now.

    Governments are responsible for protecting the interests of the many, not just the financially-privileged few. If you pay $100,000 in tax per annum while the average citizen pays just $10,000 you might feel aggrieved and suggest an equitable tax system whereby everybody pays the same amount would be fairer.

    So, how would that work? Well, if you and ten other average tax payers raise a total of $200,000 in tax between you, with you paying $100,000 of it and the others paying $10,000 each, you might argue that the $200,000 should be divided by eleven so that each of you pay $18,181 in tax and the government still gets the same money.

    This is an argument that some wealthy people put forward while other wealthy people adopt a sense of noblesse oblige and realise that while they might be much better off as a result of an equitable tax system the majority of people would suffer great financial hardship as a result.

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