• Because you gotta

    It just gotta be like that sometimes, You gotta do the thing because it is a thing that gotta be did. It is important because of the importance that this important thing carries. You gotta be responsible and do the thing. It is very important because nobody else should do it except you.
    -GG 2018

  • Don't want to stress out my family

    They have gone through enough with my passing. Let me take care of it. Plus, I want some control of what is done rather than them making some emotional decisions in order to take care of a service.

    Let your family grieve. It can be a final gift to those you love.

  • Boi they should

    What if when you die and you have a funeral it's not what you like? Why would you want that? You would want a send off that you like and/or represents you as a person. It would also help reduce problems for the family and friends planning it for you.

  • Yes yes yes

    I wanna plan my own funeral because it is good. Everyone has to be ready for death and this is one way for them to be ready. Plus you can have your own wishes,sj hs sh shs dh axnsajhx h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h

  • Yes, everyone should plan their own funeral

    I believe everyone should plan their own funeral, even though we don't want to think about it. By planning their own funeral they can make sure that their wishes are carried out. It also avoids people arguing about what should or should not be done at the funeral. If possible, a person should pre-pay for their funeral so the expenses don't burden the survivors.

  • No no no

    I don't wanna plan my funeral. Its bad. Not good. Terrible. Scary. DEATH. I do not wanna die. I am immortal. So i do not need a funeral. Funerals don't exist. I will always live no matter what. Death is bad. No one should die. Except you should die. Die

  • No, it can be planned by loved ones.

    No, not everyone should plan their own funeral, because loved ones often want to celebrate what they thought was special about the person's life. Relatives can find healing in expressing themselves by sharing what they loved about the person. If everyone has input, loved ones can come up with the most meaningful relationship possible.

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