• I think kids should play sports for many reasons! For example FUN, academic progress, and a break from electronics.

    The first reason is sports can improve a child's academic and health development. First of all, the discipline that students must show in athletics lead to achievements in other aspects of their lives. Also exercising speeds up the development of the brain. Sports also help prevent drug and alcohol abuse, even if the student smokes he or she is likely to quit.

    The second reason is the benefits of playing sports. Active students have less stress which makes them do better on tests. Most athletes started playing sports when they were young and grew up to be rich and famous. Exercising also controls your weight which decreases the chance of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic system, cardio vascular disease and, etc.

    The third reason is taking a break from electronics. Most kids are addicted to video games, TV, and computers which can ruin your eyes because you stare at the screen too long also these devices ruin your life because you are addicted to video games and cannot do anything else!
    Electronics also ruin education because you cannot study subjects at school and play video games at the same time! Sports are better than video games because sports are competitive, entertaining, and skillful playing activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play.

    In conclusion, I believe that every child should play at least one sport so they will be happy, healthy, and grow up to be an awesome adult and live a longer life. If you do not play sports right now tell your parents you WANT TO PLAY SPORTS.

  • Everyone should be playing a sport

    Everyone should be playing a sport or hobby. You should be getting 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity per day. Doing sports and physical activity every day will keep you happy and healthy. Sports and hobbies are extremely simple and easy way to stay fit, Happy and healthy.

  • No excuses in my opinion!

    I think you owe yourself and everyone around you to play sports!
    If you do just a bit of research, You can see all the benefits it got. In my opinion it is 'too easy' just to be lazy and I think there is a sport for everyone.

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  • Stay In shape

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  • Everyone should be active.

    By being active or playing a sport it, Creates self esteem, Leadership, Responsibility, Fight depression and anxiety, Strength your bones, Improove body fat, Controls your body weight, Improove stamina, Learn how to be part of a team, Felibility and it also builds character. This is why I think everyone should play a sport!

  • Yes They should play sports.

    I say yes cuz they can get the feel for physical activity and sports. I mean, What if they never try sports and they never know of they would like the sports. That's why they should at least try to do sports. What if they don't, And they never know that they like sports, Huh. What then.

  • It is great for your health and it keeps you fit

    You learn to keep yourself healthy and you learn to keep your self In shape. It will help decrease the amount of obesity and less people would be lazy. More people would continue to put their kids in a sport after they have been in one. Its also a great experience.

  • Sports should be played by everyone

    I think every one should be aloud to play sports because its a fun thing to get with friends and family and to get to know everyone why can't some people see that its good for everyone and now what do you say yes or no come on people its for everyone

  • Its healthy and gives kids air and more friends

    Kids can have so much fun from sport and there are many different sports such as basketball softball netball football soccer and oz tag and if kids have not try sport you never know they could really like it and what else are they gonna do sit inside of an afternoon and watch movies and eat snacks so come on make your child play sport

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  • Five reasons why

    Saying 'everyone should play sports' is irrational. And here are the reasons why:
    1. Old people: These people are very weak(although some of them can play) and some of them can't even move. Can you say without feeling guilty: 'Grandpa, do me 20 pushups, stat!'?

    2. People with conditions: These people get very tired easily or they have some parts of their body that they just don't have them at all. People with conditions and paralitic people are included here as well. There's even an allergy for physical activity. These people get allergic reactions and fatugue easily and they might DIE.

    3. People who can't breathe easily: I have a condition like that but I still can play. But these people fatigue easily and they can DIE from fatigue, overwork, etc. These people can't breathe easily and if they run 'the mile', they'll probably pass out or even DIE.

    4. People who don't have time: These people work day and night or they have obligations that do not let them to have free time. These people might arrive at their homes exhausted and need to sleep.

    5. People who don't find sports entertaining: These people find no entertainment in sports so they do other activities. They hate them and don't do them because they find sports boring and/or dangerous.

    So that's why saying 'everyone should play sports' is irrational.

  • It just isn't for everyone

    Let me start by saying I played sports all through high school and I loved it. But it is not for everyone. Yes it is great exercise, creates good disciplines, fun, competitive, and helps you with your academics. BUT there are some people that don't find it fun or find it to competitive for them. Or just don't have time. I mean with most high school students these and college as well they are juggling school and work all while figuring their purpose in this chaotic, crazy, and corrupted world. Also look at people with physical disabilities. My sister for example she is a heart transplant, a kidney removed, part off her lung removed, and had rods placed in her back to fix her scholeosis. She is healthy because of the medicine she takes and what not but she has no place in sports. That was in a rather extreme case but look at kids with severe asthma. Some of them are denied to play because of that asthma yea some its not a bad case but others will die if they cant get an inhaler in minutes. All in all sports is great but not for everyone.

  • No, it's unfair.

    Saying that everyone should play sports is unfair. Only the healthy bodied can play sports. Some people are born chronically ill and possibly incapable of ever being able to do anything as physically strenuous as playing sports. Such conditions as quardraplegia, severe down syndrome or autism, or being a conjoined twin might render a person inept.

  • I think they should.

    Almost all team sports have two main benefits: the physical enjoyment and practice which keeps you in shape, and the sense of teamwork and camaraderie.
    Sports offer a chance for constant physical practice that is usually fun unless you are training for elite-level events. Working with you team can motivate you and make you compete against each other for great results.
    Competing in sports can also motivate you, and some people can realise their potential as athletes.

    There are a wide variety of sports, which make them difficult to judge generally but pretty much all of them will develop you physically and mentally. Combat sports like boxing and karate (to an extent) can teach you how to defend yourself. Football will teach you valuable lessons about opportunity. Exercise is also beneficial for the mind, as proved in countless studies. It is the duty of every capable person to be of adequate fitness if they are capable of it, and almost all sports will bring you to that level in a fun and character-building way. Of course, this all depends on the institution - the YMCA karate is very different than a Japanese dojo. But there is usually many opportunities to do sports well.

    So yes, everyone should play sports - if you look hard enough you WILL find one you'll like, and while it can be difficult at times, it DOES build character and it WILL be enjoyable, you just have to put some effort in!

    A note: If you are unable physically to do many sports, don't worry about it! Focus on other aspects of life to improve it. Sport's, while important, most certainly isn't everything.

  • Saying everybody should play sport is like everyone should play an instrument.

    I would say if you like sports, theres no reason not too play them, but if you don't, then don't. That doesn't mean you have to sit on your computer all day and get fat and lazy. If you don't play sports, there are still gyms and places you should go to so you stay fit. But saying everyone should play sports is ridiculous. If you don't like sports, then just make sure you are getting exercise and you're fine. Everyone has different interests, and if yours isn't sports then you shouldn't be forced to play sports. And to the people who say but they are fun and relive stress, sports being fun is an opinion, many people don't like sports thats why we have this question, and to those who don't like sports, its is very stressful. Trust me.

  • Five reasons why

    Saying the term 'everyone should play sports' is irrational in any way. First, the old and frail. They can't move to do a sport(although some of them still have energy) since they are reaching the limit of age and/or they are very weak. Second, the people with conditions. These people can be ill or they have a symptom that does not allow them to do it. And although you may not believe me, people can actually be 'allergic' to exercise and not emotionally. These people tend to fatigue and to get all messed up when they do exercising. Allergic reactions like this do nor allow them, even if they want to. Third, the people who don't breathe well. I have a condition like that but I still can do exercise though. But these people have conditions that can make them pass out if they don't breathe well. And if you get fatigued, you try to breathe but it still hurts, right? If these people get fatigued, they might die from an oxygen shortage. Fourth, the people who don't have time. These people work day and night or they have obligations that do not let them have free time. When these people end their days they are very tired and they need to sleep. And the final reason, the people who don't like sports. These people prefer activities other than sports because they are boring or they think it is dangerous. They think that sports are boring and/or pointless, so they don't play and prefer other activities. So there you have it. Five reasons why saying 'everyone should play sports' is irrational.

  • Not everyone wants to

    I'm forced to play sports at school and i hate every minute of it. Everyone takes it so seriously and me and my friends get slammed for not participating in something I have no (and never will have) interest in doing. And my school dont even care, i they threaten in giving us detentions and other punishments. Just because im a teenage boy, doesnt mean im a sport obsessed dumbass like everyone else I am 100% anti sport and always will be.

  • It suks k!

    If its for lzy ppl den IT suks
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  • Not all can

    Not all children can play a sport or be in a club either because they are disables or there mind can't control there body. Some kids don't like or even hate playing sports for some reason or they can easily hurt themselves like the brittle bones illness which some people have.

  • Sport with kids

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