• Because communism is good

    Wee need communism we need Karl Marx we need Mao we need Lenin we need The Bern Comunism comunism is the best is the best we need communism because its good yes yes yes communism communism communism is so good yeah we will improve society with communism and equal ity.

  • No no no

    Because your saying someone who works i target will get the same pay as a police officer or the president and the queen how is that fair the effort is totally diffrent you could be sleeping on thye job and get the same pay as a buisness man that doesnt stop working

  • Commies are Bad

    I don't want to live my life knowing that no matter how hard I try to be successful, I will always be equal to everybody else. It will just end with a horrible dictatorship and the economy will probably collapse. Education at that point would become worthless because going further would do no good to yourself.

  • People should get what they deserve.

    Out in the workplace, There should be motivation to give quality products. In most corporations, It comes in the form of raises, Bonuses, Or similar things that usually equate to money in some form. Take away that motivation, And what do you have? Nobody is willing to work hard. If you work hard, And the person next to you does the bare minimum, And he still gets paid just the same as you, Why should you work hard? Should you just let other people do more and carry you?

  • Value is of things which are scarce limited and in demand.

    Money is scarce, In the sense, Not everybody has equal amounts of it which is why money or wealth is a regulatory measure for wages or status.
    Moreover, People should get what they deserve based on their abilities and needs. If everybody were to have the same income that would mean all sorts of work have the same importance, Relevance and value, Which is obviously not true.

  • Inflation is irrelevant.

    If everyone earns the same amount, Does anyone earn anything?
    If everyone were to earn, Say, The basic subsistence amount, Then the basic subsistence amount could be anything, From 0 to practically infinity, And it would not matter.
    So, If everyone earns the same income, Nobody earns any income, And we all practically live on a state supplied ration, Which, According to the conditions, Is the same for everyone, Irrespective of the efforts put in. Thus, Nobody would be putting in any effort, And thus bring about a production halt.

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