Should everyone under 21 pass a driving education course before receiving a driver's license?

  • Yes, everyone should pass a driving course.

    I believe that everyone, regardless of age, should pass a driving education course before getting a license. This would include both the educational type meeting classes, as well as the type of training done in parking lots and on the street. People might feel they're self-taught sufficiently, but there are a lot of rules of the road that can't really be learned without being taught by formal instructors.

  • Yes, I believe everyone under 21 should pass a drivers education course before obtaining a license.

    I believe the current standards for getting a license in the United States are to easy and most likely lead to many accidents that never needed to happen. While requiring everyone to go through a basic drivers education course would not eliminate many mistakes new drivers make it would probably reduce it enough to justify requiring it.

  • Yes an education course should be required.

    An education course should be required before receiving a driver a license when you are under the age of 21. Being that young brings a lack of experience and maturity to the roads. It is crucial everyone understands the rules of the roads. Automobiles kill many people every year. The rules must be learned and enforced.

  • The current requirements for a license are sufficient.

    The presumption that driver's ed courses produce safer drives makes a mistake in assuming that those voluntarily signing up (or signed up for) those courses are a general sample of the population. Those who are more cautious are more likely to sign up, and those who have cautious parents (and thus contain cautious genes) sign up. This is not evidence the courses, broadly required, will improve driving at a greater rate than the burden placed on those required to take them.

  • They already do

    No, we do not need to have any more types of courses before a person can drive, since there is already a big test that you have to take before you can go get your license, including having to drive the instructor around where he makes sure you know how.

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