Should everything be free and money nevered existed?

  • Yes for benefits

    With no money you can't show off your money, Everyone will get the same free healthcare, Education, Entertainment, And more. You will also get free food, And water, Which are essential for life, Why do you need money? Also there will be no homeless man/women anywhere. Work harder for a return of everything free, Its worth it.

  • While socialism is a great way for society to proceed, Limited markets will still be needed as a motivation for humanity.

    If everything was free, Nobody would want to work anymore. While I agree in more government involvement and a better safety net for people, I disagree that every single thing should be free. There would be no reason for anyone to produce and society would grind to a halt. While socialism is a great concept, Some capitalistic elements such as a (highly regulated) market must be introduced.

  • You're so naïve

    Communism is built on a false promise of an unattainable utopia but always results in bloodshed and misery. It has directly killed over 150 million people over its bloody history. Such utopia is logistically and practically impossible in practice, And anyone who tries to convince you that it would work is knowingly and deliberately deceiving you for ulterior motives.

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