Should EVERYTHING be legal? (Let's 'play' with the idea, in an objective sense [as far as possible]).

Asked by: cp8
  • There is no true freedom with laws

    People should have the right to choose whatever path they want. The world would be as it always has been, even with rules there are murderers, drug addicts , robbers and there will always be. People wont have to worry about the consequences of there actions, you would have to rely on yourself and no one else. Laws only make you feel safe, but the world isn't safe it's an bad place where terrible things happen everyday with rules or not, only you can make yourself safe.

  • No, we would live in anarchy without laws.

    If we lived in a world without any laws, there would be complete anarchy. People would only be looking out for themselves, and there would be no limits to what people could do. Imagine if things were legal that currently aren't, such as stealing. No one would need to pay for their groceries or clothes, and stores would go out of business, because suddenly it would be legal to steal. So why pay for anything? Abuse would be legal, drug use would be legal, killing would be legal. Without any laws, the world would be a very scary place to live.

  • Not everything shall be legal!

    If everything was legal, crimes will increase tremendously and the government would be powerless. "Without the government, we must do everything the king asks with the exception of killing. As long as we're protected, the contract is good." said Thomas Hobbes We can't survive long without the government's protection.
    If everything was legal, they were be more killing and crimes, and less control.

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