Should everything be Non-Members in Animal Jam?

Asked by: SwayerRy5
  • OK, Not everything, but a lot more.

    Over the years(I have been playing for 5 years), i have still not become a member. Also, i see a lot of things that at one time non members could do or use or have, are now becoming locked. Yes, I know, members pay money so they do get more things, but there are so little things now for nonmembers, which sucks a lot.

  • Most parents won't spend money on games.

    I have been playing Animal Jam for a long time and I have a lot of cool stuff- but it is non-member stuff. I would love to play the cool adventures, get cooler animals, get cooler stuff and get cooler dens. Also, I just want to have a better gaming experience. Aren't the point of games to have fun? How are people supposed to have fun when they are constantly being looked down on by members and need to pay money just to get the full enjoyment of a game.

  • Not fair at all

    I paid for my membership. I paid to have the good stuff and the good items. It would be so unfair that I paid money to get nice stuff and then AJHQ announced that everything was for everyone for free. That would be a total waist of money, that would be really unfair to the people that paid to get the good things.

  • Its to much money to get the "cool stuff".

    It is to much money to get the interesting thing's on animal jam because with most cool things you need a membership. Which costs money. If parents don't want to spend money on their children's games they shouldn't have to. I believe based on the costs of the membership that non-members should be able to have members stuff, meaning that all things locked for non-members should be unlocked.

  • Not having a membership cost would shut it down

    The reason most sites have a members thing on browser games. You will notice all if not most do is because it cost money to run sites. Because guess how many people they have to pay and this is if they also do some kind of programming. They pay for the site itself which ranges from $10 to $20 they pay programmers to make stuff they pay designers to think of the items they could add and do. People really disregard how much it cost to run a browser game. If Animal Jam did not have the membership then it would not be able to run. You see the same thing with wikipedia at the moment it only took donations and now they are almost not able to keep the site running. The same thing would happen to Animal Jam

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Babby_The_Chihuahua says2016-12-05T23:29:44.060
I need every animal and every den on Animal Jam.