Should evicted Travellers from Dale Farm settle peacefully onto new lands set aside for them?

  • Yes, since Dale Farm is contaminated with raw sewage

    Travellers are probably not the most popular neighbors, but they did own a site at Dale Farm. If not for the fact that the site was contaminated, they should not have had to leave. However, since the site is contaminated, and new lands have been set aside, it's an unnecessary health risk for them to stay there.

  • Why Hold On

    Given the circumstances of Dale Farm and its filth and sewage, I don't see any reason why they would want to stay. Given, they may not have elsewhere to go, but if land was set aside for them, then they should definitely go there. From an outsiders perspective, I would say the issue says a lot about the condition of the poor there and how little service they can receive.

  • Best Possible Solution

    Irish Travellers were expelled from Dale Farm and forced to settle on other lands. Unfortunately, this is the best possible solution when there was a controversy about Dale Farm in the first place. Travellers in Great Britain, like the Roma people of Eastern Europe, are often discriminated against in the United Kingdom. Travellers try to maintain their way of life without getting in the way, but sometimes mainstream Britons have other ideas.

  • No should not have land set aside

    To set aside new land for those that were evicted from Dale Farm would be to undermine the originally decision made to remove them. I think the people have a right to find a peaceful place to settle. However I don't think concessiions should be made where they are having land set aside for them.

  • Travellers Don't Deserve Set-Aside Land

    While the eviction of the Travellers from Dale Farm isn't necessarily ethical, they shouldn't settle on lands designated specifically for them. The government shouldn't set aside these lands specifically for these people. In reality, the Travellers should settle peacefully elsewhere by finding land they can settle on and pay for.

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