Should Evidence-Based Medicine be taught in medical schools alongside traditional teachings?

  • Of Course They Should

    I believe evidence-based medicine should be taught in medical schools alongside traditional teachings. As we come closer to having a national health records database, doctors will be able to reap the benefits from these records and use evidence-based medicine more throughly. They should be educated so they are more likely to do so.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine should be taught

    Evidence-Based Medicine is an important addition to traditional teaching in medical schools and should also be taught to students. The more students are exposed to varying ways to approach medical issues, the better they will be when they become doctors and start seeing patients in their own practices. Evidence-Based Medicine allows them that additional knowledge.

  • Narrows Down Problems

    Evidence-based medicine (EBM) should be used by more doctors and health practitioners in general. EBM takes math and science into consideration when determining the best course of treatment for a patient. All teachings of medicine should be taken into account when doctors and nurses learn their trade. Evidence-based medicine is one part of medicine that deserves more attention.

  • Treat the whole patient.

    Yes, evidence-based medicine should be taught in medical schools alongside traditional teachings, because medical students should learn how to treat patients in a variety of contexts. Just as each patient is diverse, so too is the treatment that is going to help them going to be dependent on their cultural context.

  • Science all the way.

    I generally think the people can believe what they want, but I don't think beliefs should interfere with real problems such as saving lives. Evidence based medicine is the only medicine we should be using. Science is founded on logic and proof. If your life depends on it, you will chose the doctor with the proper degree over the witch-doctor and his/her "traditional methods" passed down from old eras of ignorance and backwardness.

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