Should evolution be taught as an elective course?

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • Who needs it?

    Let's look at the facts here. The vast majority of people never need what they were taught about evolution, in school. It's only needed for people who want to be evolutionists. Some claim that it's needed for biology and molecular chemistry. I don't buy that. There are also many parents who don't want their children taught evolution. So make it an option. Problem solved.

  • The teaching of evolution is absolutely essential

    Evolution is pretty much the foundation of modern biology. It is impossible for one to understand how we humans got where we are, and why we act the way we do at times without some understanding of the evolutionary process. It is very unfortunate that there are parents who see a conflict between their religion and science, but there is nothing you can really do for them.

    By the way, there is only one kind evolution. Creationist would want you to believe there are 6 different definitions for Evolution, but that isn't true. The Big Bang for example has nothing to do with Evolution and Microevolution is pretty much the same thing as Macroevolution, but with different time scales.

  • Some people are just ignorant

    Evolution should be taught in the basic form in high school but that's about it. No need to get in to the heavy stuff unless they get in to college and want to become a scientist.

    As for those religious people who want "intelligent design" taught over evolution, you people are a bunch of freaks. Who are you to push your mythology on our kids? Want to teach religion to your kids? Teach them at your church.

  • What kind of evolution?

    Evolution can be defined many different ways. The Big Bang theory, micro, macro, etc. Microevolution should be taught, yes, there is evidence of that. But macroevolution is less evident and very much disputed. Christians believe in Adam and Eve, and that contradicts evolution. Since there is freedom of religion and religious beliefs should not be put down in the classroom, I would say no. However, if you want to be brainwashed, go to a university.

  • Its biology of course

    It forms the basis of biology, of genetics, and a great deal of medical insights. This would be better asked if we want to teach our kids science as an elective rather than as a common core requirement - which is ludicrous. Churches, or at least mine, have long delineated between spiritual and temporal interpretations of scripture. The idea that we should not learn a major science is silly - even from a religious person.

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