• Of course it should

    It's the most sound theory we have regarding how we got here. It needs to be noted that that's what it is to the students, but it's still by a wide margin the most plausible explanation we have uncovered. Because of that, it needs to be part of the scientific studies of students.

  • Yes, of course it should.

    Considering that evolution is well-established science, it absolutely should be taught in schools. The only people who believe that it should not are those who want to impose their religious doctrine on others and those who do not understand how science works. Evolution is a theory just like gravity is a theory: we know it exists and there is nothing to counter it that holds any merit.

  • Forcing Religion onto Children is wrong

    I think that evolution should absolutely be taught in schools. The opposing arguments say that science is a religion and you can't force religion onto kids, however this is the biggest double standard I have ever seen. Not teaching this would be not providing a solid base to a child's scientific curriculum, which would lead them to a joke of fairies and angels which is christianity.

  • Evolution vs. Religion in the school curriculum

    To start off with, before anyone can pick a side they need background information. Unfortunately, with many of the debates today, in previous years people are uneducated about the topic in which they are arguing. Most people that strongly disagree with the theory of evolution are very closed minded and are not willing to accept or listen to any ideas that do not support their own. All of these people chooses to believe and accept their religion and god. Many of these people think that evolution disproves their religion and throws away their god and this is not true. Evolution is change over time in population so they can survive best in their environments. Evolution is a theory. A a scientific theory is a well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations. Evolution is a well-tested explanation of how has changed over time. Nowhere does anything disprove god.
    Moreover, to say that evolution should not be taught in the school curriculum and religion should, is ignorant. As previously mentioned the purpose of school is to educate children about the world around them whether that be the past or present. Evolution is an idea that is taught in many schools because it educates the students about the world they live in and exposes them to a different way of thinking. Once again, evolution is not force fed to students. The students learn about evolution and are given a chance to understand how people past and present thought about life. Those who believe in god would rather have religion taught in the science curriculum. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. The only thing is, that if you erase evolution and tell students that your religion is right and there's no other explanation is wrong. This way of thinking is close-minded and does not educate nor prepare students for the world outside of school where people do not share the same view on life. In addition to that, when you think about it, the theory of evolution is not much different than the theory of religion. Both of these ways of looking at life are widely accepted by a group of people. And even though neither are proven facts, at least evolution has supportive evidence. Those that dismiss the theory of evolution for being false need to look at the evidence supporting it and then look at the evidence supporting their religion.
    In conclusion, and answer the question “should evolution be part of the science curriculum?” I say yes. School is for learning so it only makes sense that students learn about evolution. If even after all of this you still 100% support religion over evolution, don't send them to a public school. And if it does not directly affect you as an individual then who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot be taught and what they can or cannot believe. As evolution says their is much variation in a population so “To each his own.”

  • It can be taught, but you don't have to believe in it.

    I believe it evolution is a valid topic to teach about in schools. However, I do not believe in it. But I do think that it comes across the wrong way to students. I myself am a student and when I learned about it my teacher claimed there is evidence to support it. If teachers are going to teach evolution, they need to teach it as it is-a theory-not a proven fact.

  • Evolution public schools

    Evolution should be taught in public schools because it is important, it does have some scientific foundation. If you teach creationism you are teaching religion from the bible which is not allowed in most public schools. I feel that teaching evolution should be allowed be cause it is based on scientific theories with some supporting evidence.

  • Yes what there is actually evidence for should, not what is been perverted by atheists to be

    There is hard evidence that species can adapt to their environment (birds' beaks in the Galapagos). However, why are things like convergent and divergent evolution, that the human brain had to evolved from monkeys, and that emotions, morals and love are are the result of a ingrained desire to prolong the species all being taught. There is no evidence for any of these. The problem is not the theory of evolution, it is what it has become as atheist desperately try to destroy religion under the facade of the theory of evolution. I don't understand their motivation and neither can they, given that they believe they should only really want to procreate and produce endorphins.

  • Evolution Should Be Taught

    There's always been a controversy on where we as human came from and how it should be taught in school. I believe that both perspectives of our origins, evolution and religious, should be touched on in school. That way students are informed and are able to make their own decisions on what they believe.

  • Yes, it is the presiding theory.

    Evolution is such a strong theory that there are no others that can explain the evidence apart from a Biblical story which has no scientific proof and in fact goes against what is known in all other scientific fields. If we are going to throw out evolution we may as well chuck archaeology, and just about every bit of science that deals with time, like rock strata and star formation. If evolution was not taught in public schools where would it be taught, and how much of the rest of science would we have to get rid of also when it did not agree with the alternative account of creationism?

  • Will duh, yeah

    Of course it should be. Whoever is against the idea is fucking stupid. There's no way creationism should be taught. Evolution is science and creationism isn't. There's more stupid people than ever and if you can't accept evolution then you are really fucked up. Evolution should be taught in public schools. If you don't want your kids learning evolution then either homeschool them, or send them to a private school.

  • Science is a religion.

    I know most would disagree with that but think about. A lot of it are theories witch are based on physical things we believe to be true. I believe in the Bible, it talks about the 7 day creation so I believe that to be true. In order for me to pass my next unit I am going to deny the bases of every thing I believe in. I don't want to have another religion forced on me. Personally I would rather die than say any thing I believe in is false.

    The evolution I'm against is the theory that we(humans) evolved from a monkey or fish. Some of evolution is true that can not be denied. Animal adapt to there environment and so do people. Almost every religion has an idea of how earth and man came into exsistance. A teacher should not have the power to say "This is true not that."

    My mom is a teacher. She can't teach a science class because she would probably have to say something about the big-bang or evolution but at the same time can't say any thing about the 7 day creation or God.That's not fair.

  • No, it should not be taught.

    If Christianity is not able to be taught, evolution should not. Evolution is not scientifically proven therefore should not be a necessity in science courses. I believe evolution should be banned in general until we get the right to teach about the Bible. The bible actually has background whereas evolution is a not a hypothesis but a belief.

  • Evolution Vs. Other

    In my opinion I don't necessarily think evolution shouldn't be taught in schools, but what I am saying is that it isn't fair. Why do you get to teach students about one way they could of came to be on this Earth. Not everyone believes in evolution, so either teach all the different ideas or none at all. Like I don't agree with evolution but that doesn't mean that I am going to bash it or refuse to learn about it, and this is coming from a students point of view. I feel that teaching about evolution is pretty much a way of trying to convince students to believe in it, instead of letting them think for themselves. Plus, evolution talks about mutations and that's how we came about, in a series of mutations. To me that sounds crazy, but again just my opinion.

  • No: Not as scientific fact.

    I'm not against evolution being displayed as an option to believe in. However to teach it as fact makes it a bias, and a bias evolutionists want to get rid of.

    Creationism was taught in school as fact, and nothing else. This is one extreme. Today, evolution is taught as fact, and nothing else is accepted to be taught as fact. This is the new extreme we have arrived at.
    We must combine the good aspects of both of these extremes to combine a synthesis; to create a better system of education. Those who teach should teach with as little bias as possible by displaying the scientific facts available to us today.

    That being said, I do not want to impose my religion on anyone by any means of force. I will present the facts, and the decision is made by the listener. One must understand that although there are some scientific facts to prove evolution, this is still a stance mere humans hold today.

    People say that evolution is the "presiding theory." So because it is common must we accept it? Is this what we have come to? Just because it is accepted and taught as fact, people should believe it? What happened to researching and digging for the truth? We are afraid to get our fingernails dirty, so we just go with evolution.

    Find out for yourself what is true. Don't teach something that is merely a personal opinion based on science.

  • Evolution is a religion

    In schools they're teaching kids that evolution is the way we got here. My teacher even told the class there is no God and this is fact. I think evolution should be a optional class, like band or art. Bottom line they should not be forcing kids to learn a religion they don't believe in.

  • NO, it shouldn't.

    Evolution is a religion. Religion is not allowed to be taught in public schools. Secound of all evolution is a lie that is covered up by scientist too lazy to change. There has been several skeltons that prove evolution wrong. Microevolution should be the only one taught in school, for this is the only one that is true. Should lies be taught in any school at all?

  • No, evolution should not be taught in schools.

    If the teachers were willing to simply teach it as a "THEORY" instead of as fact, then I could reconsider. However, I also feel that if evolution is taught as a theory, then creation should be given equal time. Why is the creation theory suppressed if the evolution theory is not?

  • I do not believe evolution should be taught in public schools

    Evolution is an unproven theory, and should not be taught to students until it has been proven. Those students are vulnerable to believe anything their teachers tell them, and they will go around believing something that has not been proven, and they will tell people that it is true even though it is totally unsupported by real, solid, scientific evidence. They could make fools of themselves by saying that evolution is true on a website such as this and then be totally smashed to pieces by someone who has studied the facts and knows what they're actually talking about.

  • No, its only a theory

    The Fact is that evolution is only a theory, meaning it isn't true only an idea, although I don't believe it shoudlnt be an option but forcing it upon kids in a science class and telling them its fact is not just. I think their should be a class teaching many different forms of how the earth started and present student multiple viewpoints. I am saying this as a Christian. I also don't think any religion, or theory, about something this important be forced as truth but let kids have the opportunity to chose.

  • Not at all

    How are we as rational humans to believe that we came from nothing? Or that we are somehow evolved from a premarital soup and have common ancestors with monkeys or apes? Dogs have ancestors. . .They are dogs! Not matter how long we wait and dog will never produce anything other than a dog! There are no transitional fossils anywhere to be found!
    A large amount of the so called evidence used in todays school books about evolution has been disproven by scientist. And we should no be using our tax dollars to be teaching lies to our kids!

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David.Vertucci says2013-11-18T14:44:46.103
No evolution should not be taught in public schools. Evolution is a theory not a proven fact. I didn’t think schools should be teaching something that they are not positive is true. Another reason is people have a chose whether to believe in creationism or evolution and I think if they teach one they should teach both or don’t teach either of them.